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Guys recount the funniest things that have happened to them during sex

Mid-hookup mishaps and misadventures aren’t just the stuff of puerile comedy movies. Plenty of dudes have had their sexy times go sideways in hilarious ways, as revealed on a Reddit thread titled “What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you while having sex?”

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The original poster of the thread described going down on a guy on a secluded road in the middle of the night, only to be interrupted by the sound of a bicycle bell at, ahem, the most climactic moment. “I lock eyes with the delivery guy, mortified,” he writes. “I swear he looked as if his life had changed, but he cycled on ahead, stunned.”

Below are some other greatest hits from the thread. Read ‘em and cringe!

The Idiot Dog
“I have a double closet in my bedroom. One time while my husband and I were going at it, I looked over and saw that our dog had realized that she could walk in one door, walk out [of] the other, and still be in the bedroom! She did this no less than 10 times before I finally told my husband we needed to change positions and face away from the closet. It’s hard to be sexy when your idiot dog has made the discovery of her lifetime.”

The Dutch Oven
“When I was just about to climax, I blurted out, ‘Oh, hold on a second,’ and ripped a huge fart. We were half covered by the duvet, so I kind of Dutch-ovened both of us right before I came. We wouldn’t stop laughing after that.”

The Careless Whisper
“My boyfriend and I were hanging out in his room while some music was on. We were just starting to get into things when he leaned in for a kiss, the last song ended, and [the] George Michael ‘Careless Whisper’ cheesy-sexy sax intro started. We both looked at each other and started to giggle uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of the situation!”

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The Pokémon
“My boyfriend started saying ‘Pikachu’ in a Pikachu voice seductively into my ear out of nowhere one time. I had to stop and laugh.”

The Library Puppy
“It was like 1:30 on a Thursday night, close to the start of term, and me and my date were heading back to his [place]. We were outside the university library and I had a condom packet between my teeth and was kneeling down, whimpering like a puppy. A woman comes out the library — I don’t hear her but she would have seen everything — and I’m still on my knees when our eyes meet. I just jumped up and tried to do the best to hide my face, but before I did I swear I saw her grin. My date just found it all hilarious.”

The Clapper
“I’m lazy and have a clapper so I don’t have to get out of bed to shut off my lights. One time while giving it good, the sound of my hips and balls slapping against his ass ended up turning the lights off. We cracked up laughing [and] clapped the lights back on. It happened again haha. So the clapper got retired after that.”