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Guys reveal whether they’d ever star in an adult film

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For some people, doing adult films is an empowering, ego-boosting experience. “It has actually helped me be comfortable with myself,” an indie model explained on Quora recently. “It’s powerful and freeing, and honestly, I have a blast.”

And many other report having the polar opposite experience. “The minute you have sex on camera, you become a second-class citizen,” performer Siouxsie Q told GQ in 2019.

So with that quandary in mind, one Reddit user asked fellow r/askgaybros readers last month if they’d ever work in the adult industry. (“I’ve been approached about it before, and the thought of it kinda turns me on, but I don’t know,” that Reddit user wrote in the now-deleted post.)

Here are some of the answers from that thread, edited for readability and arranged from “hard no” to “hard yes”…

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“I’d never do it.”

“It’s is hot… but the real-life consequences of doing that kind of work have taught me the hard way that some fantasies should remain fantasies.”

“I’ve been approached to do it and to be an underwear model, and the thought of it always turns me on, but when I think it back, nope. I won’t do it.”

“Been offered few years ago, but nope. Once it’s out, it’s out permanently, and I’m not looking to alter my future and image forever in such a way.”

“Worked on a set for a while, and I wouldn’t ever want to be a performer.”

“No. It doesn’t directly pay nearly enough, and I’m not in it for ‘exposure’ that I have to maintain and keep working at like a part-time job.”

“I would be cool with my partner filming us during sex, but that’s as far as I would go. I wouldn’t want the content out there for everyone to see.”

“No. Maybe with a mask.”

“I have a professional career, so no. At the very least, I would have to have my face blurred out. If that is the case, I’m game.”

“I seriously considered it when I was like 19, to be honest. Contacted a couple of studios even and sent them pictures and did applications. Never went any further. I’m a little older now, and I don’t think I’d be what they want, and I don’t know if I’d do it anymore.”

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“I mean, I could give it a try, but I’d be terribly bad at it.”

“I wouldn’t rule it out.”

“I mean, if my first, second, and third career choice didn’t work out, then sure.”

“For the right price, yeah. The people saying no are lying. If someone offered me a million dollars, I’d probably do it.”

“Sure, if I got paid.”

“I’d do it. Recording us is kind of a turn-on.”

“Solo, I already do. With someone else? If I could get my hubby’s permission, I’d love to, but alas, he doesn’t like to be on camera and doesn’t like me hooking up with others.”

“I would. Bound to be some amateur videos of me out there somewhere.”

“Sure! If someone gave me an offer—after seeing me—I’d be happy to take their money.”

“Why wouldn’t you? They are paying you to have sex with a hot guy who is very willing. … It sounds like a win-win to me.”

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