Half Weird, Half Hot News Of The Week

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Though we briefly reported on this last week, we now have, courtesy of Outsports, a translation of what exactly went on in that Varna Amateur soccer club in Bulgaria. Well, seems like four teammates have been caught practicing some off the field ball playing, which, if we remember back to our college days, is not that interesting, but this is Bulgaria, and so we get quotes like this:

Stefan was the leader of the group, and he has in his file that he was accused and found guilty of consorting with a goat at the age of 15,” said the coach.

The article is like bad soft core erotica as if written by Ali G alter ego Borat. One more choice quote:

“The host saw Stefan groping the testicles of the three teammates. He was overcome with caressing them and was paying too much attention to them,” according to the report.

Ahhh. Hot, gay sex translated through broken English.

Translating the Bulgarian Soccer Sex Scandal [Outsports]