Hankies & Hottie


Yesterday we checked out Not Only But Also for Brenner’s take on the Brokeback Mountain hanky give-away. In the post he calls the hankie code arcane, which is true everywhere but in San Francisco. The Mos there wear hankies in their gym short pockets while doing squats at the Gold’s on Market.


We got a chuckle looking through the code, which in a previous life we remember being posted on the wall of some NYC bar we used to frequent. But we drank a lot back then and can’t for the life of us remember which bar that is. Do you queens know?

Anyway, back to the gay hankie code. Well, actually not. Back to Brenner. Damn, has there ever been a blogger as hot as this one? Hot Damn. Jesus. Lord.

Makes us long for the day we find Brenner cruising the Ramble in Central Park with a Navy Blue hankie in his left pocket.

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