Happy Endings

• It’s Anglican war in Tanzania. Literally. Archbishop Peter Akinola called in an extra bishop, former army colonel Archbishop Nicholas Okoh.

• “No Tongue,” says Courtney Cox on her not-so-Dirty lesbian kiss with Jennifer Aniston – a detail that doesn’t really matter, considering that no one’s watching.

Gay Floridian foster parents lose custody of HIV baby! Yeah, that about sum’s it up.

Gawker has a crush on a man-loving, folk song-singing, baby-sitting Brooklynite named Ryan. Pass it on.

• Some Euro gay rights groups have joined forces to combat anti-gay bullying. So, bullies, you’d better watch your asses. Those Euro homos fight dirty.

• Speaking of dirty, you should head on over to Eastern Bloc and get drunk with us. Jimmy Im will be there spinning. Info below.