Happy Endings: Brandon Routh Isn’t Here to Talk Homo

Brandon Routh continues his press rounds on David Letterman and, to the dismay of The Advocate’s editors, doesn’t say anything about Superman being gay. [Malcontent]

• In deciding whether Congress can halt funding to universities that disagree with the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and prohibit army recruiters on campus, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts refers to gays only as “homosexuals.” Does it matter? [Detroit Free-Press]

Rick Santorum is going after female voters with his latest campaign effort for U.S. Senate reelection. He’s got a shiny new website and everything! [PageOneQ]

• When a gay pride is a small Arkansas town gets little to no attention, organizers see it as a good thing. [THV 11]

• New data suggests the population of gay men is rising in one Indian region. That, or more queers are finding it less risky to report their behavior. [Times of India]

• Two murderers convicted of killing gay bar owner Jody Dobrowski in England received sentences of at least 28 years each in prison. [UK Gay.com]