Happy Endings: Gay News Around The World

• The gay couple who was kicked out of a Berkeley skating rink when they were practicing for the upcoming Gay Games (they were holding hands! scandal!) has reached a settlement with the rink’s owners. Berkeley Iceland (a) will holddiversity training for its employees, (b) donate to the Gay Games, and (c) offer a gay skating night each month for the next year. So there. Honestly, only a bunch of queens would have the energy to come up with a settlement this creative. [SFGate]

• Youth prisons in Hawai’i will become more gay-friendly, and the state will pay $625,000 in a settlement with three LGBT youth inmates who say they were abused by prison staff. If you’re going to go to prison and you’re a kid, apparently Hawai’i is the place to do it now. [AP]

• A national “gay talk” hotline is being established in China, offering advice on coming out, HIV, and legal issues. And then the Chinese government will track down everyone who calls and arrest them. [ChinaDaily]

• Two more people have been arrested in St. Maarten, after the gay-bashing beatings of Richard Jefferson and Ryan Smith. When the Jefferson called the police to report the beating, St. Maarten’s police refused to investigate, in an apparent attempt to protect the island’s tourism-friendly image. So Jefferson brought news cameras to the island and tracked down the criminals himself. Ryan, by the way, is still–STILL–in Miami, recooperating from his injuries. [Newsday]

•…and this isn’t news or anything, it’s just funny. Totally Not Safe For Work. And random. Where does this guy work? [AssShot]