Happy Endings: Madge’s Ride Is Pimped

• After reading that Madonna doesn’t watch TV, it’s a little shocking to hear that she just “loves” MTV’s Pimp My Ride Still, we can’t wait for her new music video. [Sky Showbiz]

• The more accepted homosexuality becomes in India, the more male hustlers (who only cost about as much as a couple of packs of gum) sprout up all over the country. [DNA India]

Madonna hungup video

• The UK is going to make Special K extra, extra special. It’ll soon be classified as a class C drug. [Reuters UK]

• Concerned Women For America are here to tell us that not only does Barbie give young girls a body image complex but the plastic bitch is responsible for turning kids into trannies. [365 Gay]

• Gay rights lawyers are suing those party poopers who want to put an end to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. [Reuters]

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