Happy Endings: The Day Backstreet Came Back

The Backstreet Boys are back with a new look. And, no, it’s not alright.

• Sacramento’s CBS renacts Larry Craig’s toilet habits.

Hilary Rosen is glad Larry Craig’s “not gay”.

“Homosexuality” in India walks fine line.

• Having run out of poll ideas, Out polls readers on their favorite polls.

• South Africa recalls “risky” condoms. Eeks!

Gay penguin book tops list of most bitched about books. Congrats!

• 22-year old Spanish footballer Antonio Puerta suffers heart attack. Dead.

• Apparently smoking doesn’t kill fast enough: 100 year old broad lights 170,000 fag.

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  • IDNY

    Back street post- Wow, who would have guessed they would try and do the same bullshit marketing just updated!? They have NO talent and now are dressing them like Hipsters…. which makes just as much sense as it did when they past them off a streaky haired karaoke singers for little girls; very much the same thing as a hipster but on the opposite end of the spectrum; No talent just trying to look the part, all posers in my humble opinion.

  • Gorgeous Nerd

    I used to love BSB, but they’re trying way too hard here. Looks like Kevin had the right idea.

  • afrolito

    Kevin was the hot one, and obviously the smarter one too.

  • blondie67

    who are these tools? Just goes to show all that money can’t buy a good publicist.

  • VictoriaLuis

    Hey guys what for all you haterz, backstreet boys dont really care what you think because the only posers here are you. ha so suck it. Luv ya!

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