Happy Endings: The Day Debbie Harry Celebrated Her B-Day

Debbie Harry may have been born on July 1st, but she’s celebrating tonight at Factory at Lotus.

Moth genocide! Scientists trick moths into thinking they’re gay.

American soldiers in Afghanistan love their smack.

• Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross will chat with gay rights leaders about making more gay head way.

Britney Spears is a cooze incapable of driving.

• Speaking of coozes: San Diego firefighters plan to sue after being “forced” to attend gay pride. Boo-hoo.

• Cape Town gentrification threatening gays? We thought gays were gentrification.

Gay summer camp sounds awesome.

• First NYC council bans “nigger,” now they’re on to “bitch” and “ho”. Um, doesn’t this city have bigger things to worry about, like exploding streets and terrorism and that nasty smell on the F-line?