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Happy Pride: Tinder launches forward-thinking new feature to match by sexual orientation

Paging anyone sick of Grindr, Growlr, Scruff or any of the other gay-targeted dating apps: popular dating app Tinder will now offer new filters for sexual orientation.

The feature launched this week and will allow Tinder users to sort and prioritize potential matches based on sexual orientation. Users can select up to three orientations at once from a new list that includes: Straight, Gay, Queer, Asexual, Bisexual, and Demisexual.

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“With gender and sexuality more fluid than ever before, Tinder realized it was time to provide a better experience that empowers all users to be themselves,” a Tinder spokesperson told Queerty in an email. “In fact, their most recent LGBTQ+ survey revealed that more than half (57%) of LGBTQ+ adults would be interested in dating apps/sites that make it easy to express their sexual orientation.”

Tinder also partnered with GLAAD to help roll out the feature in the US and internationally. The company adopted the new feature after feedback from users. A staggering 80% of queer adults claim that using apps like Tinder has improved their dating life. More than half claim apps that allow for expression of sexual orientation have helped them come out.

The new orientation feature went into effect on June 4. Tinder is available for download free via smartphone.