Hard Labor For Cameroon ‘Queers’

Poetic injustice?

Three men have been sentenced to six month hard labour for being homosexual.

The three men’s lawyer said she would appeal the convictions and none of the men had been found guilty of homosexual acts.

Article 347 of the country’s penal code prohibits consensual same-sex relationships. The men have been held in jail since August.

People currently detained on grounds of homosexuality all have cases riddled with irregularities and have been subject to procedures that are inconsistent with the new Cameroonian code of penal procedure.

Those procedures, however, are consistent with Cameroon’s protest-worthy anti-gay politics.

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  • matt123

    THIS IS GREAT AMERICA…this is exactly the sort of thing that takes place in a society before the fall of great empires; take the Romans, for example. The writing is on the wall…read it! It says “SOCIAL DEGREDATION.” There was a time when our positive role models were men who were proud to be men and did things that were honorable and likewise women that were proud to be women and did honorable things. But now, boy…things must be pretty bad when a “futch” or a “butch” or even a “fag” can be a “positive role model” in our society. We keep this up and in the next four years, our next presidencial candidates will all come from the ranks of former “hookers, futchs, butches and fags.” Wouldn’t that be nice.
    Bi,Gay,Lesbian Findbilover dotcom

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