FBI Punches The Numbers

Hate Crimes See 8% Spike

Hate crimes are all the rage these days. From HRC’s Back Story:

Today the FBI released its 2006 hate crimes statistics… [the Bureau] reported hate crimes incidents rose by 8% in 2006.

Hate crimes based on sexual orientation totaled 15.5% of incidents reported (1,195 incidents). This is an increase from the 2005 report where hate crimes based on sexual orientation totaled 14.2% of incidents reported (1,017).

51.8% of the attacks were race-based, while 18.9 were religious based, most of which were anti-Jewish.

We’ve included the gay breakdown after the jump.

The columns, left to right: Incidents, Offenses, Victims, Known Offenders.
Note there’s no information on anti-trans hate crimes.