Or, Lack Thereof

Hayes Annoyed With PM Howard Over Gay Nuptials

Former Savage Garden front man Darren Hayes finds Australian PM John Howard’s anti-gay ways “annoying”. The gay Australian singer, who popped down under to promote his new album, This Delicate Thing We’ve Made, spoke out after his British lover, Richard Cullen, had to get a guest visa. Why did Cullen need a guest visa? Because the boys can’t get married, duh!

It makes me angry and frustrated. I’m Australian and the way the law sits I can’t bring my partner home as my partner. That to me is an infringement of my civil rights — a very un-Australian thing. I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to. I don’t think he speaks for this country in the same way I don’t think George Bush speaks for the US.

Hayes hit the nail: a reported 57% of Australians support gay nuptials.

Rest assured Hayes has more words for Howard:

Every time I come home there’s this whole kerfuffle. We have to get Richard a visa. He’s my partner, I share my life with him. I’ve inherited all the rights that ‘normal’ couples have. That’s my right as a human being. It really annoys me.

Guess Hayes and Howard won’t be having a sleep-over anytime soon, huh?