HEADLINES: Why Isn’t Barney Frank Backing Nadler’s DOMA Repeal?

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• Rep. Jerry Nadler on Tuesday will introduce legislation to repeal DOMA. While gay Reps. Jared Polis and Tammy Baldwin have signed on as co-sponsors, Barney Frank has not. Because of strategic differences. Namely, Frank doesn’t think the bill has a chance in hell of passing right now, and that court cases like Gill v. Office of Personnel Managemen have a better chance of effecting change. And maybe he’s right — and he doesn’t like signing on to losing bills. Responds Nadler: “Mr. Frank knows better than anyone that our opponents will falsely claim that any DOMA repeal bill ‘exports marriage’ in an effort to generate fear and misunderstanding. But the dishonest tactics of our opponents should not stop us from aggressively pushing to end this horrific discrimination now, as is the consensus of the nation’s top LGBT groups who all support this approach.”


• Photographer Annie Leibovitz, some three days late on paying back a $24 million loan from Art Capital Group (secured by everything she’s ever created and owns), has reached “an agreement” with her lender, which means she won’t be losing all her homes and photographs. For now.

• Transexual marriage … in Iran?! Indeed. A woman wins a family court ruling that will let her marry her childhood best friend, a MTF, without the blessing of the father of her future wife, as law requires.

• Amsterdam is going balls out to be known as the gay travel destination.

• While Florida’s adoption ban makes it way through the courts, Miami gay adoptive father Wayne LaRue Smith got a leg up from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Smith, the first Florida gay man in decades who successfully adopted, is seeking a federal subsidy provided to Florida residents who adopt. The state’s the Department of Children & Families tried blocking it; the feds say he should get it, and not providing it violates federal law.


• Just-resigned California State Rep. Mike Duvall, the anti-gay “family values” married father who described sleeping with two lobbyists, was just “storytelling” on the live mic. Whatever: He could soon face an ethics probe.

• Another attack on a Ft. Worth gay bar — except Stampede was brought down by an electrical fire and will remain closed, unlike Rainbow Lounge’s single night of police harassment.

• Drug makes of AIDS-related pharmaceuticals received their report cards from the non-profit AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition, which handed Merck the top score among nine companies in an assessment of each firm’s last 25 years in working to fight the disease.

• A church in Belfast, in Northern Ireland, gets to challenge a decision by the Advertising Standards Authority to ban its ad (which referred to sodomy as an “abomination”) ahead of Belfast Gay Pride.

Live tweeting from the Robert Wone murder trial.

• Upstate New York’s Dean “Wayne” Bissell receives a 20-year sentence for the beating death of gay man Walter “Sebastian” Bak, whose body was discovered days later.

A delay in India’s official response to decriminalizing gay sex.

• ENDA hearing date set in the House: Sept. 23.