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  • AlwaysGay

    12 more reasons to hate mormon adherents and they all have to do with hypocrisy and greed. They have zero objection to heterosexuals expressing their sexuality but when it comes to anyone else it’s a very different story. They have so much money stashed away it isn’t even funny, most of it is from the government (tax payers). Mormon adherents are the biggest receivers of welfare and biggest tax cheats because of all the polygamy and children they produce.

  • galefan2004

    Please, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! I don’t give a fuck how hot a guy is, if he is a morally bankrupt and detestable human being that is into recruiting other morally bankrupt and detestable human beings, he can be the most beautiful guy in the world and he is still an ugly fucking human being.

    Take someone like Scott from the Real World: Brooklyn, he is simply beautiful inside and out and that is what makes him attractive. Take JT from the same season and he is just ugly on the inside and that is what makes him ugly. It is just that simple.

  • galefan2004

    @AlwaysGay: Zero objections? Who are you trying to fool now? The creator of the calendar was excommunicated for creating it. That certainly sounds like an objection. Hell, the Mormon church still excommunicates women that stand up to their husbands. The husband is still seen as the “king of the castle” and the wife is supposed to be subservient and obedient and women that show skin are shamed.

  • Brian

    If they are confirmed “EX-MORMONS,” then yes I’ll have February and July please.

  • Brian Stroup

    12 examples of inbreeding causing unexpected results. Trust me, you don’t want any of that tainted ass. I raped a Mormon on a Maytag once. I could have had more fun alone with the washing machine.

  • galefan2004

    @Brian: Actually, they are still Mormons as far as I know. Apparently, you aren’t excommunicated for posing in the calendar. This whole calendar thing started as a way for Mormon missionaries to make money to pay for their trips or to reestablish themselves after returning from the trip. I’m willing to bet if you straight out asked him the creator of the calendar would say that gays getting into it was definitely and unwelcome side effect.

  • M Shane

    I’ve saw quite a few cute Mormon boys. Looked like nice asses, well showered and subserviant: great, ready to go slaves. That’s what comes from being in a relatively crazy home, I guess.
    If you’re a good mormon you get your own planet and all the nookie you can handle. Which if you’re gay could be considerable. That’s a bargain; if you just didn’t have to act like a pathetic twit here on earth.

    What was telling for me is the Mormon architecture. Even if you tried very hard , you could never design anything as dumb ugly as a Mormon building_ they all look alike. Very angular; lots of square shapes and triangles that don’t match with each othrer and with expensive marble finishes.
    Look like they came from outer space. If they let the gays do thier designing they would be much better off.

  • Cam

    the church HATES HATES HATES this calander, the creator has been excommunicated. Every copy you buy is a big fuck you to the Mormon church. LOL

  • Cam

    @galefan2004: Um….that isn’t why the calander was created at all, it was a private business venture by the creator. And if you’ve ever talked to the creater of the calander. Well, how many Mormon men are over 30 and unmarried and like to take pics of shirtless hunks?, so your assumptions that he is straight is a hell of a leap!

  • thack_mn

    More and more, Queerty turns a blind eye to the truth if it comes packaged as a half-naked, muscled white man. It truly disgusts me.

    The message this blog sends: It’s fine to oppose equality if you’re a gym bunny.

  • Brian

    @galefan2004: I’m not clear – can I still F*ck July? Or not?

  • tinkerbell

    I’m so proud to be a science-believing atheist. Mormons and the fundies like these guys are why i’m so glad i am who i am.

  • Kevin B


    Morally bankrupt? Get a grip.

  • Republican

    Gotta agree with the comment that a lot of mormon guys have nice asses. Yum.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Nah. I still hate the Mormons. Their bland brand of evil cannot be disguised under the veneer of physical beauty. They remain subhuman.

  • osocubano

    Didn’t work, I still hate them.

  • Gary

    12 more reasons to hate the idiotic scum who so grossly violated us – shame on you for suggesting we should feel anything but contempt for these “people”.

  • Kevin B

    Some of you are so hysterical it’s laughable.

    And I’m using hysterical in its truest sense.

    “Subhuman”…putting the word people in quotes. Two nice laughs to start my day, for sure!

  • schlukitz


    Right on, Vernon. Dangling flesh in front of my face is not going to make me forget what they did in California.

    I don’t care what kind of packaging it comes in. Scum is still scum!

  • extrabatteries

    talk about superficial. i guess anyone attractive isnt capable of being a purebred cunt? that makes sense, in the eyes of a mouth breathing queety editor.

  • ohhh

    mormons are so effing hot. they have gorgeous asses and theyre beautiful inside and out! theyre always so nice and smiling and they mow your lawn if you ask them to. I just wish ‘adultery’ wasnt such a big deal to them so I could pound em all in the ass

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