Here We Go: Latest Prop 8 Hearing Starts In CA’s Ninth Circuit Court


With anti-marriage-equality forces out of delaying tactics, the Ninth District Court of California began hearing arguments today in the seemingly neverending legal haranguing over Proposition 8.Players in the Prop 8 DebateThe latest debate is over the arguement put forward by pro-Prop 8 forces that Judge Vaughn R. Walker should’ve recused himself from the case because he’s gay and in a long-term same-sex relationship.  As it’s been said many times, if allowing gays to wed will indeed damage the institution of marriage, aren’t heterosexual judges just as likely to be impartial?

Next thing you know jurists with kids won’t be able to rule on custody cases.

Prop 8 backers might want to drag Walker’s private romantic life into the proceedings, but they’re uncharacteristically shy about being put in the spotlight themselves. The Ninth Circuit’s three-judge panel will also rule on whether videotapes of the Prop 8 trial should be made public, which anti-equality forces are against.

Obviously they know the camera will add ten more pounds to their bloated carcasses.