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Here’s another reason to love ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance:’ Gay puppets

Deet in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Move over Bert & Ernie: there are new gay puppets on the block.

No, not literally on Sesame Street, though in a fitting twist they come from the same workshop. Netflix‘s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance debuted to rave reviews this weekend, introducing viewers to a more detailed look at the mythic world of Jim Henson’s original 1982 film, The Dark Crystal. The new show is set thousands of years before the 1982 movie, though it features many of the same characters and species. The new incarnation confirms that same-sex couples are part of the natural order in the magical world of Thra.

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One of the main characters in the new series is Deet, a cave-dwelling gelfling (think tiny elves) girl who lives with her two dads. The show doesn’t make too big a deal out of her parentage; rather, it appears incidental to her character…kind of like a child might refer to her gay dads in real life.

Other same-sex couples appear on the show as well, including the gelfling princess Tavara and her girlfriend Ornica. Another same-sex couple, the Mystic known as the Wanderer and the Skeksis known as the Heretic, live together in sin of sorts, having betrayed their clans to be together. In a sense, their relationship echoes that of real-world same-sex couples, having been cast out for their love of one another.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance also makes metaphorical statements about gender, environmentalism, addiction, socioeconomic class and science run amok. Produced entirely with puppets and minimal computer effects, the show plays like Game of Thrones on acid: dark, thoughtful, visceral and unlike anything else on TV.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance streams exclusively on Netflix.