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Heterosexual GOP Congressman Aaron Schock Really Wants You To See His Abs


Completely heterosexual GOP Congressman Aaron Schock wanted to make sure you know how toned he is by posting this totally not posed or flexed photo of him surfing in Hawaii on his Instagram page today.

He seems pretty flexible, as we’d guess someone so used to ducking and dodging gay rumors should be.

Schock is undeniably handsome, but the abs were definitely more prominent in that notorious Men’s Health spread a few years back.

The fashionable politician was no doubt taking a breather before trying to figure out a coherent argument as to why he’s against gay marriage.

We’ll let you enjoy this, but looking at the pic makes us think of what the cover of his inevitable coming out memoir is going to look like.

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  • Zekester

    I think you forgot the quotes around “Heterosexual”.

  • Cam

    A closet case working against his own rights. He is disgusting.

  • misterhollywood

    Too bad he is locked in his Illinois closet. Dude should just come out.

  • yousir75

    Why is Queerty so obsessed with Schock? He’s a jerk politician voting against LGBT rights.

    Is Queerty that hard up for physically attractive guys?

  • NG22

    My mind hates him; my dick loves him. He’s so awful, but oh so pretty.

  • Sweet Boy

    He looks like a power bottom…

  • rextrek

    well golly gee willickers…Congressman surfing….while MILLIONS go WITHOUT…..How many days have they worked this yr? (NOT even Half the year!) Yet we pay thier god-dammed salaries, A+++ HEALTH CARE and Lifetime pensions…..where’s a DAM Shark when you need one?

  • Cam


    You mean why would a gay website want to print a story about a closeted gay Congressman who is selling out the entire community and voting against our rights while he hypocritically sleeps with guys?

    Gee, can’t imagine why that would be of interest to a gay website.

  • nieciedo

    I have no qualms with posting articles about a probably closeted Republican whose voting and advocacy harms GLBT people without his wealth, influence, and connections.

    I do have a problem with posting him in a flattering light that hides how truly vile, disgusting, and loathesome and excuse for a human being he is. Yes, he has a nice body, but his mind and soul are hideous.

  • Mezaien

    Give the white monkey Banana.

  • Kenover

    Funny how there just happened to be a photographer out in the ocean when Shock decided to go surfing. What a coincidence! This guy and Vlad Putin should hook up. They’re both shirtless publicity whores. And their politics are nearly identical too.


    When the anti-gay politicians come out, they always have to do a huge mea culpa for voting against gay rights for so long.

  • artgolden

    He is a despiciable troglodytic asshole.


    He looks very man-scaped?

  • DarSco

    yea he’s cute and all that. Pretty hoes like that come a dime a dozen. Concentrate on getting him to change his mind on gay marriage. It’s like the thirst brigade out here lol

  • Grayson

    oh this queen needs to come to her own party, child.


  • yousir75

    @Cam: All we have is SPECULATION – perhaps wishful thinking? – that Schock is closeted.

    Until it’s confirmed that Schock is in fact gay, I think the better course is to ignore this jerk until he does something anti-gay.

    But hey, if you like Queerty proving the gay stereotype that all we’re concerned about is looks, then have at it.

  • ibernard

    @Kenover: too fucking funny. And oh so true!

  • Billy Budd

    I would like to top him and teach him things.

  • BJ McFrisky

    First of all, it was I who took that completely candid picture while A-Schock and I were meeting with the Closeted Homos of the Republican Party (CHORP) convention in Honolulu. (the buffet was superb)

    Secondly, if he is gay, why would he ever want to come out? As is evidenced from the above comments, the brainwashed masses will just continue to hate on him.

  • hotshot70

    If he was any farther back in the closet, his face would be mushed against the wall!

  • Curtispsf

    When he’s on a horse shirtless with Vladimir Putin, then I’ll know for sure they’re both queer. But will Vlad (The Impaler) be happy sitting behind Schock in the anatomically correct pose? Schnock is mos def a power bottom. Or do I have that reversed?

  • litper

    @yousir75: how many straight anti-gay american congressmen follow young gay british diving twinks in speedos on instagram?

  • SteveDenver

    That doesn’t look like a surfing pose, he looks like he’s crapping his pants — or airing out his “man cave” from last night’s “poker game.”

  • Cyn

    Not a very big wave for all the jazz hands balance he needs.

  • grethomory

    Oh, don’t you worry. A real big scandal is going to break on this guy…and he’ll be on every talk show telling how much he hated himself for being gay

  • Icebloo

    I’m glad to see this rich Republican can afford luxury vacations while he and his party vote against a rise in the minimum wage for millions, have blocked the extension of unemployment benefits for millions and voted against equal pay for women.

    Gay or straight this “man” is a self absorbed douchebag !

  • coltonblack

    I am pretty sure he ruled out a run for GUV in his home state because his entire closet would have been blown open.

    Nice he can vacay in Hawaii and find time to model and pose on a wussy wave. Looks like it was a cloudy day from the picture. Hope it rained.

  • marks2000

    He’s cute, obviously gay and obviously a bottom bunk. Is he available or hiding in a closet with a female? Either way, I’d bring him out of the closet. I bet he would like me for sure. Most guys do :)

  • jckfmsincty

    He looks like he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

  • NJjoe

    There is no doubt in my mind that he’s a down-low guy. The gay vibe from him is seen from space.

  • NJjoe

    And to add, his “abs” ain’t all that!

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    And once again, BJ’s first instinct is to jump to the defense of a right wing, anti-gay politician who is working against gay rights.

    BJ again shoes quite clearly that if you are anti-gay he will support you.

  • Cam

    @yousir75: said…

    “@Cam: All we have is SPECULATION – perhaps wishful thinking? – that Schock is closeted.
    Until it’s confirmed that Schock is in fact gay, I think the better course is to ignore this jerk until he does something anti-gay.
    But hey, if you like Queerty proving the gay stereotype that all we’re concerned about is looks, then have at it


    By all means, let’s ignore politicians who are anti-gay, working against our rights, and where there are multiple signs he is closeted including being outed in the media.

    Your comment is the same B.S. that all the fans of Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, and Adam Lambert used to say (Oh you all just WANT them to be gay)

    No, actually as gays it is fairly easy to spot a closet case.

  • Scribe38

    @Cam: Damn we disagree on some issues some time, but I am freaking loving you today! Speak it baby!!!!!

  • yousir75

    @Cam: Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I wrote that Schock wasn’t worth our attention “until he does something anti-gay.” I already acknowledge in an earlier comment that he’s an anti-gay politician.

    But if you like superficial posts that focus on Schock’s body, have at it.

  • Cam


    I posted what you said. You stated there was “Wishful Thinking” I pointed out that being able to recognize a closet case has nothing to do with wishful thinking.

    As for doing something anti-gay, gee, you mean like going on TV and speaking out against gay rights? Voting against gay rights? You mean those things that he has ALREADY DONE?

    If you have a problem, take it up with yourself, it was your post.

  • yousir75

    @Cam: You’re as dense as BJ McFrisky.

    Schock is not doing something anti-gay right now. Queerty is ONLY POSTING ABOUT HIM B/C HE’S GOT HIS SHIRT OFF.

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