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  • Steve

    It’s obviously a negative effect of same-sex marriage.


    Queerts, while we really, really appreciate you makin the effort to put new threads up on the weekends this one is kinda stretchin it…….

    There isn’t an outbreak of sperm suddenly slammin the breaks on wherever they are supposed to go to make a baby. The economy is suckin’ wind. Both the Gays and straights are considering the costs of havin’ and raisin’ kids some are puttin’ it off for a while ……..Next………

  • concernedcitizen

    [email protected] first the bankers, wall street, construction workers, manufacture workers, retail workers, and now pediatricians. Everyone will soon be out of a job…

  • the pill

    LOL did the researchers take into account hard-hitting reality TV shows like “Sixteen and Pregnant” and the media coverage of Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin, both of whom have made it clear that unplanned teenage pregnancies are no picnic?! Maybe birth rates are down because teenagers and their parents are taking responsibility and using birth control to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies. Also, there are more longterm birth control methods available today that have less user-errors (like forgetting to take a pill every day, having to insert a device every time), such as the patch, the injections, and the ring. Lower birth rates should be celebrated, not complained about.

  • reason

    They need to slow down on their child having. The number of people in this world are destroying the place. Especially here in America when one child consumes and destroys as much as hundreds of people else were. Nature needs a breather stop popping out children.

  • Michael

    I get it. This is a heterosexual boycott of Target, by denying them a generation of future shoppers.

  • Steve

    The overpopulation is only caused by the people in Africa and Asia. They really need to stop it. But the West really does suffer from a low birth rate. It has some very negative consequences for a society when most of its people are older and even retired, while few people work to finance everything.

  • Ryan

    6,000,000,000+ people living on this godforsaken planet.
    Like we really need any more.

  • Baxter

    @reason: But then you end up like Italy where the average age is in the 40s and there aren’t enough young people to support all the retirees. Go to Italy with a child and people will be so excited to see one of those mythical creatures that they’ll give you free food.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Baxter: America is not far off, we’re an aging population as well this will only exacerbate the problem. People tend to think we have an overpopulation problem, it’s kind of not true, we have an aging population problem coupled with the fact that future generations are projected to die at younger ages then their parents.

  • Cam

    Actually, Americans work longer hours than most other countries. When France forcefully put through a law declaring a 35 hour work week, and even arresting heads of companies that tried to violate it, the birthrate in France shot way up.

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