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Holy disco stick, this is pure vintage Gaga


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Still rolling in the success of her own special edition brand of Oreos last year, pop icon Lady Gaga has just released a new commercial for her latest endorsement of Dom Pérignon champagne.

The singer posted the one-minute video to her Instagram this morning, where it attracted more than 50,000 likes in the first ten minutes of going online.

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The footage itself shows Gaga at her most iconic: strutting in front of warped, computer-generated backgrounds of Roman temples, crystal balls and chandeliers while wearing a red gown that would make the Scarlet Witch envious. She also raises a glass in a frilly pink robe, which, no doubt, will have many a viewer wondering how they can get one in time for Pride this year.

The ad ends with a tag: “Creative Freedom is Power.” Nobody proves that statement more than Gaga herself.

The release of the video follows an announcement over the weekend that Gaga would serve as the new face of Dom Pérignon and release a special limited-edition bottle of champagne. We’re still waiting on the final details for the flavor and design of the new bottle, though we’re pretty sure randy Gaga fans are already in line to get one of their own. That said, does champagne pair well with Chromatica Oreos?