Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

An Iowa resident named Steve Perlowski thinks the gays are a threat to procreation. Because, you know, if gays can marry, straights will suddenly stop fucking.

By legalizing gay marriage, however, the significance of the procreative element in marriage is utterly abandoned. Gay marriage is thus a threat to marriage in that it erodes the relationship of marriage to its procreative significance, which has the potential to result in a paradigm shift in the social relevance of marriage.

Such a radical shift will likely occur because the legalization of gay marriage flings open the crack in the social doorway to every ominous threat to sexual regeneration through marriage, especially biotechnology.

To the extent that procreative potential becomes marginalized in marriage, and as “advances” in the fields of bioengineering become capable of producing human beings without sex, then the regenerative significance of marriage will become all but superfluous.

And, really, who wants to marry for love?