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Homophobic lawmaker shuts down homophobic constituent for being too homophobic

Here’s something you don’t see everyday.

At a public testimony hearing in Florida last week, a man was so homophobic that another homophobe had to tell him to leave the room.

Greg Pound was speaking before the Florida House Appropriations Committee about a school voucher program that offers scholarships to students who want to attend Christian schools that promote antigay values.

“Just a real quick question on the alphabet there,” Pound said. “The L is for lesbians, the G is for gay, B is for bisexual, T is for transgender, Q is queer, and then P would be pedophile. Now, let me ask you this … where do these people get their children?”

That’s when the committee chair, Republican Rep. Travis Cummings, responded, “Your testimony is ended.”

When Pound asked why, Cummings replied, “On what grounds? What’s come right out of your mouth. It’s offensive.” Then he ordered the sergeant at arms to remove Pound.

Ironically, Cummings himself is a major Trump supporter and embraces the Republican party’s anti-LGTBQ platform. Also, in 2015 he voted against a bill that would have made it legal for same-sex couples to adopt children.

Meanwhile, Pound has a reputation for saying inflammatory things at state legislative proceedings, often denigrating LGBTQ people and pedaling outrageous conspiracy theories.

Many have praised Cummings for shutting down Pound’s homophobic tirade.

Now if only we could get him to stop advocating for policies that harm LGBTQ people.

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