Homophobic Radio Host Dean Blundell Finally Canned

dean blundellHe wasn’t the first antigay radio jerk and he won’t be the last, but Dean Blundell is finally off the air.

The Canadian radio host has been stirring up trouble for years, but now the station has announced that after over a decade, he’s gone for good.

This follows a controversy last month in which Blundell and a producer laughed about a same-sex rape case in which the producer was on the jury. You can listen to clips (warning: auto-play) here, but here’s a sample:

Blundell: “Are there any man-whores?”

Welsman: “Oh yeah. They’re all over the place, and that’s just in the courthouse.”

So funny!

And this:

Blundell: “When you said guilty, was he like, ‘Hot diggity dog! Everybody dance now?’ When he phoned home, ‘Good news, Mom . . . I’m going straight to the showers.’”

Ughhhhhhh shower jokes, come on.

Well, fear not, Toronto, your long local nightmare is at an end. Now, how long before he pops up on some other lousy station?

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  • doug105

    @Barbara E. Curry: your best friends brother couldn’t get a burned out silver Ford Pinto working for that scam site.

  • jimbryant

    Canada is not as gay-friendly a country as it claims to be. There’s a lot of homophobia in Canada, and a lot if comes from women.

  • mike1968

    @jimbryant: Well, I’m noticing a lot of homophobia on this site, and a lot of it comes from you.
    And I’d love some relevant and recent examples of this so-called “homophobia from Canadian Women”.

  • MikeE

    @jimbryant: Really? And when was the last time you visited all of Canada?

    There isn’t “a lot of homophobia” in Canada. That’s just utter bullsh|t.

    Stick to what you know.. which from your comments appears to be very little.

  • denerome

    @jimbryant:As a Franco-Canadian,ex-Air Canada flight attendant;

    homophobia was thought from my very catholic mother/father.That was in

    the 60’s.Today,in 2014,homo/zeno/islamo/franco/anglo/etc…phobia

    is mainly found in Iglulik(population 64)way,way,way North.

    There in 1969,where I was station to replace my boyfriend for his R&R

    (he vacationed in Key West with his sugar-daddy);I had my first

    three-way with a two hot Inouik.

    I now live in Marina Del Rey CA with the same Boyfriend/now Husband

    for the past fourty-one years;and I must say we NEVER encounter any

    “PHOBIA”.In Marina del rey CA,we live and let live.

    Canada is a great place to live.We left ONLY because of the weather.

    We prefer an ocean-view beach house & lots of sunshine year round.-)-)’

    Amicalement,Pierre Denerome AKA Miss Rainbow(Fire Islands 1963)

  • dannyal

    would you all please stop replying to whatever Jimbriant said??!! arghhhh!!!!

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