Hookup Fail: Hot Tub Three-Way Ends In Hilarious Arrest

Michael Gordon (left), Austin Adams (center), and Douglas Tench (right)
Michael Gordon (left), Austin Adams (center), and Douglas Tench (right)

We’ve heard of plenty of hookup stories that went south, but this one has to take the cake.

Austin Adams, 18, Michael Gordon, 33, and Douglas Tench, 21 met at a nightclub in Spartanburg, S.C. and hit it off. They decided to take the party back to a private residence in Boiling Springs, S.C., where Gordon was dog sitting for the homeowner.

Predictable shenanigans ensued as they made use of their leant surroundings. The back porch led to the hot tub — you know the story.

But around 1:30 in the morning, Adams and Tench got into a dispute over who was the highest paid escort. As the old saying goes, three things you should never talk about on a first date are politics, religion and how much you get paid to have sex with strangers.

The argument turned physical, and Adams lost control and started hitting Tench with his hands and feet while still in the hot tub.

Tench fled the scene and called a friend, who then called the cops.

After confessing to the assault, Adams reportedly told the cops to just, “arrest him and be done with it.”

It’s safe to say Michael Gordon will never be asked to dog sit again.

h/t: Edge