“Horrified” California Politician Pulls Kids From School Over Trans Rights Bill

22496460_BG1Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown made headlines after signing a landmark bill into legislation that extends certain rights to transgender students. Effective January 1, transgender K-12 students from around the state will be allowed to participate in gender-selective school programs based on the gender with which they identify.

That means all this week, we’ll be entertained by watching certain retrogressive members of the GOP complain about their rights being violated.

First on deck is California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who wrote an op-ed piece for the Conservative blog WND in which he explains the extent of his son’s privacy being breached now that trans male students are allowed to use the bathroom stall next to his. The nerve!

“Allowing teenage boys and girls in the same locker room, showering side by side, is a bad idea,” Donnelly says. “While trying to address a concern of less than 2 percent of the population, California is now forcibly violating the rights of the other 98 percent.”

He claims that both his sons—ages 13 and 16—are “horrified” by the thought of using the same restroom as a trans boy, and has allowed them to choose whether or not they’ll be returning to the public school system next year. Since then, Donnelly has pulled his youngest son from his school district while his eldest “weighs his options.”

Why, exactly, is Tim Donnelly’s son “horrified” of being touched by sexually deviant people? Is he Nick Gruber?

Still, the major issue for Donnelly is much larger than the reproductive organs of his son’s classmates. “What are the long-term repercussions of this measure?”, he asks. “Will some kids be too embarrassed to use the bathroom or locker rooms, knowing that a member of the opposite sex could enter any time?”

We may never know, because thankfully, Tim Donnelly’s close-minded children are safely having a grand time with other boys somewhere in a private school restroom. Wink.