LaBarbera Bitches, Moans, Cries Discrimination

Hotel Won’t Have Homo-Hating LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera fucked himself. The Americans For “Truth” president booked a banquet room at a Chicago-area Holiday Inn for an upcoming gathering of his anti-queer comrades.

As is his habit, LaBarbera opened his trap and told hotel management the conference may draw gay protesters. The organization does, after all, support homophobic politicos like Jim Naugle.

Preferring to keep attention on their guests, rather than politics, the hotel canceled LaBarbera’s reservation. Now LaBarbera’s citing discrimination and used the cancellation to perpetuate his “victimhood”.

Laments LaBarbera:

It seems that there is now a sort of politically correct homosexual ‘heckler’s veto’ that’s forcing or persuading businesses to do things to decent people that they wouldn’t normally do… a hotel chain is willing to cancel a Christian group’s event, due to a potential protest by a homosexual activist group, it’s a sad day in America.

Gay Liberation Network wasn’t sad. They sent a letter to the hotel applauding the reservation reversal:

It has just come to our attention that you canceled a banquet by “Americans For Truth,” an antigay hate organization. We thank-you for doing so, given that antigay hate under the guise of religion is still hate.

The hotel claims not to be getting political, saying they’ve got their guests’ best interest in mind:

For the safety and security of all of our employees and guests, we decided that it is not a function that we wanted to have, based upon the potential of having a protest.

Plus they had a wedding that night and no one wants to ruin a bride’s special day with the likes of LaBarbera.