HRC Looks to Unions to Cut Costs

hrc-logoOn a day where the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped to 1997 levels, the Human Rights Campaign fended off rumors that it would be cutting staff and freezing salaries to “weather the storm”. HRC spokesperson Brad Luna said the gay rights organization was in talks with the Service Employees International Union, which employees are members of, to work out a deal, but offered no specifics. An unnamed source within the organization claims :that raises awarded to some HRC staff were being rescinded, some staff would see their salaries reduced by 2 percent and that there would be no cost of living increase for employees this year.”

The Washington Blade spoke with Luna, who told the paper:

“We’re a union shop, so therefore we have to have conversations with them about these economic times,” he said. “And they’re looking at it and seeing if there’s ways we can work together. Other than that, the details of it, I really can’t go into.”

Luna would not say whether any decisions have been made to freeze or cut employee salaries at the organization.

“I would rather not comment on the specifics at this time,” he said. “It’s an ongoing conversation with the union.”…

HRC board members were to meet in Washington this weekend to discuss the organization’s budget for fiscal year 2010, which begins in April. Luna said the event was an annual meeting — not an emergency gathering — and was “not a discussion” about “the ongoing conversations that we’re having with our union.”

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