Hubley’s Dad: ‘Bullying Was A Factor, But Not The Reason Jamie Committed Suicide’

Allan Hubley has released a statement in which he says that while bullying played a factor in the suicide of his son Jamie, it was not the main reason the 15-year-old took his life.

Here’s an excerpt from his statement to The Ottawa Citizen:

There are some reports in the media and on social media that James was bullied. This is true. We were aware of several occasions when he felt he was being bullied. In Grade 7 he was treated very cruelly simply because he liked figure skating over hockey.

Recently, when Jamie tried to start a Rainbow Club at his high school to promote acceptance of others, the posters were torn down and he was called vicious names in the hallways and online. We had meetings with officials at the school and were working with them to bring an end to it but Jamie felt it would never stop.

We will not say that the bullying was the only reason for Jamie’s decision to take his own life but it was definitely a factor.

It’s a mistake to assume bullying is always the cause of  all LGBT teen suicides—internalized homophobia, family issues or clinical depression brought on by unrelated factors can be to blame—and Jamie’s Tumblr account focused more on his loneliness than any harassment he suffered at school. Sadly, the elder Hubley’s statement paints a picture that’s all to familiar.

Allan has pledged to help wipe out bullying in schools and asked interested parties to donate to the Youth Services Bureau’s Mental Health Walk in Clinic in Jamie’s memory.

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