Hugh Jackman’s Huge Ackman Groped on Japanese Game Show

As if Japanese game shows couldn’t get any better, Hugh Jackman showed up on a recent episode as a guest looking adorable and Australian and while greeting the hosts of the show (or the contestants, it’s hard to tell), one decides to give Hugh a quick package check. Instead of pulling out a pair of adamentium claws, the star of the upcoming film X-Men Origins: Wolverine plays along and confirms, “Two balls”. Now we know. Watch after the jump.

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  • allen

    He obviously pinched guy’s nipples.

  • John

    my dream is to start a tv show where my trademark move would be to grab all the guys junk. I just have to find a good cover-up for all the black eyes I would get.

  • Pragmatist

    Huh. I wonder why HJ initiated the horseplay with that guy. Who is he? (Missing some context, obviously.)

  • Mark M

    Only THIS level of tack-o-rama can make American TV look Klassie.

  • Maverick69

    How I would loved to have felt those balls.

    Lucky guy

  • alan brickman

    hugh can do nothing wrong!!

  • Sebbe

    OMG LMFAO, Hugh was funny and a good sport. Why can’t we have more Japanese game shows in America LOL.

  • mb00

    I love Hugh Jackman. He just seems like a genuinely nice man and good sport to boot. It’s no wonder we’re always salivating over him.

  • Michael vdB


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