If MI Outlaws “Religious” Bullying, Will Students Still Get To Cyberbully The Theater Queers?

Last week Michigan passed Matt’s Law, a so-called anti-bullying bill that basically allows students to torment their LGBT peers as long as they do so for religious or moral reasons. But now State Senator Gretchen Whitmer—who called the law “a blueprint for bullying”—promises that the bill’s religious exemptions will get removed before it becomes law. But that still leaves a gaping hole in the bill.

Kevin Epling—the father of the gay bullycide Matt Epling for whom Matt’s Bill is named—says that the bill should include provisions on cyberbullying in order to be truly effective. His suggestion seems especially appropriate in light of a new study showing that 90 percent of all teens experience harassment online.

Cyberbullying provisions could keep a would-be Jamie Hubley from taking his own life.

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  • kylew

    Yay, go Whitmer. Nice to see politicians putting their money where their mouths are.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m sorry but when the GOP puts up bullshit like this I almost wish that a bunch of radical extremist members of some other religion flat-out attack and bully the Straight White Christian People that this fucking lame-ass policy actually wants to protect.

  • Jack in the Country

    I worked last year with Michigan YIG (Youth in Government) and we passed a comprehensive anti-bullying law. Any law passed and signed by our mock governor then goes to the actual governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, who then decided to veto the bill effectively. Probably due to the fact we didn’t leave exemption for religious bullying or cyber bullying.

    I also come from Michigan’s most conservative district of the city of Holland, where civil disobedience is becoming the norm for LGBT. Stay tuned this Wedsenday, because I belie ve the pastor of a church is going to be once again refuse to leave the council. Businesses openly state that they should have the choice to not hire gays, just like “I shouldn’t be forced to hire someone who smokes” which is probably some anti-gay reference to how they think gays are going to be smoking in Hell.

    Michigan is just a cess pit of discrimination, and I feel bad for the Canadians that go to sleep at night knowing their country touches Michigan.

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