If MI Outlaws “Religious” Bullying, Will Students Still Get To Cyberbully The Theater Queers?

Last week Michigan passed Matt’s Law, a so-called anti-bullying bill that basically allows students to torment their LGBT peers as long as they do so for religious or moral reasons. But now State Senator Gretchen Whitmer—who called the law “a blueprint for bullying”—promises that the bill’s religious exemptions will get removed before it becomes law. But that still leaves a gaping hole in the bill.

Kevin Epling—the father of the gay bullycide Matt Epling for whom Matt’s Bill is named—says that the bill should include provisions on cyberbullying in order to be truly effective. His suggestion seems especially appropriate in light of a new study showing that 90 percent of all teens experience harassment online.

Cyberbullying provisions could keep a would-be Jamie Hubley from taking his own life.