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‘I’m just a father trying to keep my son away from drugs, get him into college and have a little money left over for retirement. I’m no sociologist but I’m pretty sure those concerns are not exclusive to gay people’

SOUNDBITES — “I don’t worship Barbra Streisand, I don’t watch any TV show with the word “Housewives” in its title and I love fishing, beer and Madonna. But more important, I’m just a father trying to keep my son away from drugs, get him into college and have a little money left over for retirement. I’m no sociologist but I’m pretty sure those concerns are not exclusive to gay people. … Some of us live in the closet, some of us do drag every Wednesday night, some of us are Republicans hoping to be change agents within a conservative sect and some of us are apathetic Democrats too dumb to carry on a conversation about anything other than Lady Gaga. In other words, we’re just as diverse, intolerant, upstanding and tragic as our straight counterparts and unless there is an annual meeting I don’t know about, the only item on the much talked-about gay agenda is an abbreviated passage from the Declaration of Independence — ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’” —LZ Granderson, the gay ESPN The Magazine columnist, and perhaps the only person speaking eloquently about The Gays at CNN (via)

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  • Cam

    I need to start reading this guy, well said!

  • Mike L.

    Ok, I’m a democrat and gay and love gaga’s music but that doesnt meant I’m apathetic or dumb enough not to carry some conversation about things non-gaga related. I’m into commicbooks, french/german/russian/spanish/italian, mathematics, literature, helping others in need, recycling, reading up on political issues (gay or otherwise) and many more things, so yes I may be a gaga fan and a disillusioned democrat but I’m far from apathetic or dumb.

    This prick just threw gay dems under the bus, b/c it’s either your a stupid do-nothing democrat gaga fan or you could be an AGENT for CHANGE in the Republican party, not enough choice there.

  • jason

    I love this columnist’s words. His words are music to my ears. Anything that challenges the narrow-mindedness and self-stereotyping of the modern gay community is ultimately good for gay people.

    The gay community has got to go. Gay people can stay.

  • Republican

    Right on, LZ Granderson!

  • mdthom

    Great column, I read it on CNN yesterday.

  • adman

    Gay republicans are masochists. They mirror the banality and futile aspiration towards eternal mediocrity of their straight masters. Having said that, this guy is a breath of fresh air, since his whitebread striving is honest, and many here in my suffocating leftist community have yet to work that out for ourselves as we fall all over the place behind the “diversity” learning curve. He reminds me of the Depfox channel on Youtube. Sorry Bryan, I mean that for Jay more than you.

  • Cam


    He wasn’t taking shots, he was saying that some Dems are NOT gay activists and some people in the GOP are. It was to point out that the stereotypes about gays are not accurate, at least thats what I got out of it.

  • AlanInSLCUtah

    @Mike L.:

    wow, you totally missed the point.

    He wasn’t stating that ALL gay dems are apathetic and too dumb to carry on a conversation about anything other than Lady Gaga. He was saying, like in all of society. SOME PEOPLE (not all people…BIG DIFFERENCE) are going to be apathetic. Some are going to be republican, some independent, some black, some white, some fat, some skinny, some smart, some dumb as shit, some christian, some muslim, some atheist, some who care about what people think and some who don’t. Basically, like in every society, there is a diversity of ideas and lifestyles that could potentially be represented, yet he just wants what everyone else does. To be treated equally.

    But thanks for sharing your rant. :)

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Before we all start singing this black homocon’s praises, read this article he wrote entitled:

    Gay is Not The New Black


    Here’s a sample:

    Far from flowing rainbow flags, the sound of Lady Gaga and, quite honestly, white people, stands a nightclub just outside of Wicker Park in Chicago, Illinois, by the name of The Prop House.

    The man clearly has an issue with out white gays, and Lady GaGa. He needs to spend less time chastising white out gays, and spend more time telling his brothers to come out and stop suing “the down low” and an excuse to spread HIV through their refusal to use protection

  • Paschal

    @Mike L.: He didn’t say that Democrats who are gay are all like that. He was just giving, or perhaps more accurately, making up an extreme example to show that the gay community is diverse. He used the words ”some of us…” I love a lot of different types of music myself. I like Madonna and Lady GaGa but Johann Strauss and the Saw Doctors (an Irish band) appeal to me as well. I don’t do a lot of sport but that’s probably more to do with the fact that I’m shit at it and I’m a bit of a geek. That’s another example of the diversity of the lgbt community.

  • Arkano18

    Haha, I can’t believe how easily ppl get distracted by its own agenda.

    I mean, the guy is stating openly the fact that we are diverse.

    While some others can just focus on “Lady GaGa”.

    I keep saying to myself, my husband and my son: No matter how many gay people parades; no matter how much freedom we have earned; no matter how many organizations supports our backs… with people like them, we’re getting nowhere.


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