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In (Mild) Defense of Liza Minnelli’s ‘Single Ladies’

Yes, Liza Minnelli’s version of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” for the motion picture Sex and the City 2, is a little bit harsh, particularly around the 2:05 mark. But it is also Classic Liza, in the way that whenever Liza performs for comedic effect, it usually ends up sounding something like this, perhaps because her instrument is obstructed by her tongue inserted firmly into her cheek.

Also, we are listening to the audio track without any visuals, which means we miss Ms. Minnelli in action during the film, performing at the gay wedding (that’s the scene this is from, right?), where Cameras 2 and 3, zooming in between Liza’s legs and around her headspace will distract you from the vocals.

What Liza should be criticized for, if anything, is performing “Single Ladies” at all. It immediately dates Sex 2, making the film feel like some relic from 2009. She should’ve done Ke$ha’s “Tick Tock.”

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  • wmcarpenter

    Dude this is lightyears better than Beyonce.

  • OhYeah

    She should have done “Telephone”.

  • KleenexBoy

    Oh God, this is awful! I am cringing!

  • whatever

    she still got it!

  • George

    This is wonderful! And I like Beyonce, but this is just so charming

  • Jon (one of the other ones)

    That was painful.

    Minnelli should stop taking career advice from Sam Harris.

  • Rob

    It’s not like this is the type of song she usually performs, anyway. No, it doesn’t sound like Beyonce. Who cares? It’s Liza Fucking Minnelli performing a pop song at a gay wedding. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Arkano18

    This is just wrong.

    I mean, Liza can do WAY better than performing Beyotchcé.

  • Patrick

    Kind of sounds like Katherine Hepburn.

  • Shawn

    This is very sad. She sounds REALLY old and worn out. She has practically no singing voice left.

    She should give up the singing and stick to acting. I hope that, if they do an “Arrested Development” movie, she is brought back as Lucille 2. She was pretty funny.

  • Fitz

    This is shtick, not music– but I think it is how she intended it.

  • Aaron

    Liza is a legend and I have the utmost respect for her and her long and storied career! But even the Beyonce haters have to admit, this is just AWFUL! Why Liza, WHY?

  • Greg G.

    a little desperate act BUT it’s good that she did it. We don’t want little up and coming twink-E! generation young ones to never know who Liza is. She’s at least giving exposure no a newer audience.

  • Phil

    She should have put a ring on it, for sure!

  • Sexy Rexy

    I can’t stand Beyonce’, but I didn’t mind the original song. This is majorly painful.

  • Lisa Driscoll

    Liza’s performance was one of my favorite parts of the movie!

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