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Is this an innocent prank or wildly homophobic?

How To Get Your Ass Kicked, Chapter One: During a bus ride, gingerly lay your hand on a stranger’s knee and film his befuddled response. Repeat as necessary.

That’s the overall gist of a new Internet prank by young scallywag Jamie Zhu, who took it upon himself to film several such interactions in a video that’s quickly gone viral.

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Past pranks include “I’m Gay, Can I Touch Your Boobs?” and “My Family Thinks I’m Gay, Can You Help Me Prove Her Wrong.”

We’re eagerly awaiting other entries in the series, like “I’m Gay And This Gun Is Fully Loaded, So Put The Money In The Bag Or You’ll Get What’s Coming.”

When your entire punchline is built around “two guys touching is funny — get it?”, we’re not entirely convinced the premise is solid. That’s to say nothing of the fact that laying your hands on strangers without their consent is a pretty big danger zone.

Watch below, and decide just how problematic this really is :

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  • Kieru

    I understand his purpose is innocent enough; but at the end of the day he is physically touching people who have not consented to his doing so. It is inappropriate and he should know better.

    Consider the viewer reaction if he shot these exact same videos, but was placing his hand on the legs of a woman without her consent. If you think it is inappropriate there it is inappropriate here.

  • startenout

    Honestly, if he were doing it to women, there would be an outcry about the obvious sexual harassment. I am a gay man, and I don’t want a stranger on public transit sitting with me when there’s another completely empty row much less putting his hands on me without my permission! Hahahaha

    • Jack Meoff

      If he were doing this to women he would be arrested already.

  • JerseyMike

    He would have gotten B!tch slapped or kissed here in NY.. I would have kissed just because, for doing that..

  • assiandude

    It’s rude and inappropriate, but I don’t find it homophobic. When he got a reciprocated response, he did not seem to mind. It’s apparent, he did not put his hand on someone who probably would have responded more aggressively.

    • Jack Meoff

      He probably has had a few aggressive responses but he wouldn’t post those ones online. I’d love to see one where he gets beat up.

  • Desert Eagle

    HILARIOUS!!! I have to find this guys Youtube channel!

    • Jack Meoff

      He posts these on Fcaebook and if you click his name at the bottom of the video it will redirect you to his page. BTW he is an Aussie and his videos are mostly in Sydney. I recognise some of the settings.

  • Roan

    Once again, gay people are being used as a punchline to a joke. This is also assault. Depending where on the thigh he touched some of these men, possibly sexual assault. These things aren’t funny or helpful and people like this should stop.

  • natekerchel

    It’s not hilarious – it’s assault. It also implies that gay men just go around touching other males as and when they feel like it, i.e. who else but a gay man would touch other men in this fashion? It’s childish and I feel certain must be illegal somehow – it would certainly not be acceptable if he did it to women. He is lucky that no one reacted with physical violence towards him. I don’t think his intention was to be homophobic but his behaviour could certainly be seen as such.

  • Gates

    Oh you people, lighten up, it’s a joke. If touching someone without permission was assault, we would all be guilty.. At least he’s not grabbing pussies like our president.

    • Sluggo2007

      Good one! I thought it was funny too.

    • Roan

      Accidentally bumping into someone or similar contact is fine and as you say unavoidable. The first time. Purposely touching someone, especially in this manner is assault. Whether or not you get charged will depend on the person you touched the way you touched them and the responding LEO. I’m not sure why anyone thinks it’s OK and a joke to touch someone without their permission or expectation of being touched.

  • ShowMeGuy

    The joke doesn’t work if society doesn’t view GAY as icky…..therefore, the joke isn’t a joke.

  • natekerchel

    Lighten up? I have a fabulous sense of humor! See! But this is NOT funny – it is moronic and immature and it IS assault – maybe minor but still assault. He deliberately places his hands on other men in very suggestive ways and near very sexual areas. The look on the faces of those people tells you they do not think it is funny. The immediate thought going through their heads is that he is a gay man ‘touching them up’. If you have a sister or mother how would you like it if some stranger did that to them and then said ‘get a sense of humor’ when they reacted with horror? This is no different.

  • Terrycloth

    People don’t like their personal space invaded…just like when someone you are talking to has to stand real close to your face when talking to you..hey back up there buddy…next thing we’ll be dancing then kissing…and then you know what that goes…….

  • Black Pegasus

    He could be charged with a sexual assault crime in most states. And I noticed he didn’t touch any “butch” guys. They were all meek in appearance which probably foretold their passive responses.


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