Awkward, Inc.

Is this an innocent prank or wildly homophobic?

How To Get Your Ass Kicked, Chapter One: During a bus ride, gingerly lay your hand on a stranger’s knee and film his befuddled response. Repeat as necessary.

That’s the overall gist of a new Internet prank by young scallywag Jamie Zhu, who took it upon himself to film several such interactions in a video that’s quickly gone viral.

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Past pranks include “I’m Gay, Can I Touch Your Boobs?” and “My Family Thinks I’m Gay, Can You Help Me Prove Her Wrong.”

We’re eagerly awaiting other entries in the series, like “I’m Gay And This Gun Is Fully Loaded, So Put The Money In The Bag Or You’ll Get What’s Coming.”

When your entire punchline is built around “two guys touching is funny — get it?”, we’re not entirely convinced the premise is solid. That’s to say nothing of the fact that laying your hands on strangers without their consent is a pretty big danger zone.

Watch below, and decide just how problematic this really is :