Instagram CEO is turning the app into a TikTok knockoff and everybody already hates it

You know Instagram is doing badly when even the Kardashians are hating it.

The app has recently been testing out a new interface with some users, featuring a full-screen feed that jumps from post to post, prioritizes video, and shows tons of “recommended” content. Sound familiar?

This new interface just happens to have the exact look and function of TikTok and its main “For You” page — albeit a less accurate, more visually off-putting version.

It makes sense for the platform to be biting TikTok’s style; it’s taken Insta 12 years to get to their current 1.4 billion monthly user count, while TikTok has reached a billion monthly users in half that time.

IG users have been upset about Instagram’s pivot to video, shopping, and recommendations for years now, as many just want to see photo posts from their friends and folks they follow. Public opinion of the app has been all downhill since 2017 when the platform made the feed achronological and started playing algorithmic favorites.

Tons of users have been slamming the new interface test since it began rolling out, with giants of the platform like Kim K and Kylie recently declaring they need to “Make Instagram Instagram again.”

In response, CEO Adam Mosseri released a video statement addressing concerns and stating that, interface test aside, the future of the platform will definitely be trending towards video.

Folks on social media did NOT take kindly to Mosseri’s outlook:

Mosseri posted the same video statement to his personal Instagram, and the response on his home court wasn’t any better.

“I am on Instagram less and less because of my timeline- frantic videos of people I don’t even follow, most just repurposed from Tiktok,” comments cookbook author Sarah Kieffer. “I would love to see a return to why we all were drawn to Instagram in the first place: photography. And a timeline we have some control over.”

Make-up artist J*mes Ch*rles writes in a lengthy comment, “The reason there’s so much growth for video is because we are being FORCED to post video. The performance of our photos has tanked more than 90% so creators are switching to video not because they want to, but because we’re being told that it’s the only chance to grow.”

Many others, and we mean MANY, simply chimed in to demand that the platform “Make Instagram Instagram Again.”

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