Body-shamers, beware?

The Internet is coming for Austin Armacost and his “brave” Tweet

Austin Armacost, the beefcake Celebrity Big Brother alum, is feeling the wrath of Twitter this week after posting a selfie that attempts to shame all those body-shamers out there, but ends up looking a bit silly:

“This is chubby?” one wrote. “Get real.”

“Omg,” wrote another. “Thank you for being so brave.”

Then the parody Tweets started pouring in: 

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  • Spike

    Just so very very thirsty for attention.

    It’s never ending with this dlist clown.

    • kfolger

      Yet, there you are with your swimmers body picture out there doing the same thing. Good for you.

    • DrewD

      I remember on A-List all he talked about was dating Marc Jacobs, being Marc Jacobs ex, Marc Jacobs this, Marc Jacobs that.

      Marc Jacobs was smart.

    • kfolger

      Ooo DrewD, So sorry he is starved for attention. I guess you are not since you are posting bullshit about this post.

    • Donston

      Considering Marc Jacobs is an unabashed man-whore who mostly messes around with porn performers and men for hire (no judgement) I wouldn’t be bragging about hitting that 24/7.

    • DJRM

      Looks like you might have a lot in common.

  • NeoAurelianensis

    what did he do that was so awful? seems like humility to me but i’ve never seen the guy before today.

    • Donston

      From what I can tell he’s another always-starving-for-attention reality show person. I don’t think what he did was so bad either. However, it is lame and condescending for an obviously fit dude to be talking about being “chubby” and clapping back as supposed “haters”.

    • Xzamilloh

      It wasn’t awful… but it just shows how out of touch narcissists are that he felt the need to post a picture of an otherwise beautiful physique and act like it’s some “body positive” BS when it reads as a humble brag.

  • Xzamilloh

    Somebody give this gurl a Sprite


  • kfolger

    You know what bugs me about most of these comments? I am a therapist and I can tell you that body dysmorphia has nothing to do with how fat, thin, muscular, not muscular, tanned, pale, old, young, masculine or feminine you are. You people that are body shaming him by your posts are just as bad as a really muscular man is for calling one of you fatty. Oh, if you want me to send you a personal photo, I am happy to do so, so that you don’t think it is a “muscle mary” posting this.

    • n1spirit

      KFOLGER, I know you’re taking a lot of flack on here for stating your opinion. Just know that it isn’t lost on all of us. As a 54-year old gay man who has been on both ends of the spectrum (young, fit and trim vs. older and heavier) I can COMPLETELY understand and relate to your comment about gay men being “some of the cruelest, meanest, self-centered people” out there. Sadly, most of the hateful comments directed at you are probably coming from jerks who know you are correct, feel called out because THEY represent exactly what you’re talking about — and are narcissist little gym rats with nary an original thought between their ears.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      You are a therapist whining about BDD but you post these to Drew:

      Ooo DrewD, So sorry he is starved for attention. I guess you are not since you are posting bullshit about this post.
      5 hours ago ”

      Ooo DrewD, So sorry he is starved for attention. I guess you are not since you are posting bullshit about this post.
      5 hours ago “.

      Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy heal thy self.

    • nathan_dostal

      Shut your mouth with your “therapist” shitt. This guys is a known fame whore from years ago. He sleeps with real famous people and whores himself by posing nude online. He was on a terrible “A” list show years ago. Then went to Big Brother. He is just seeking attention and it will only help him to mock him and ridicule him about his narcissism. Youre a bad therapist.

    • duje_buric

      As a therapist, what do you have to say about steroid abuse that is clearly a reason why Armacost looks like this? It is disgusting that you even raise a question of body dysmorphia with a punk that can thank his looks to chemistry. Idiots like this shouldn’t even have this kind of public attention!!!

  • kfolger

    BTW, gay men are some of the cruelest, meanest, self-centered people out there. You do know that being a Heather is not very attractive and should have died with The Boys in the Band.

    • Donston

      Dude, what the hell are u talking about? There is no body-shaming in any of these comments. People are merely calling out his corny and unearned self-pitying and his narcissism. Only a person with no reading comprehension would see anything “body-shaming” in any of these comments. Take your deluded internalized homophobia elsewhere (wouldn’t be surprised if you’re another variation of Brian). For a supposed therapist you are very presumptuous, antagonistic and empty-headed.

  • SportGuy

    Not really sure what the big deal is. In that picture he is chubby. Better than people going around saying they are for when they aren’t.

    • nathan_dostal

      so youre bulimic or anorexic?

  • Captain Obvious

    All I see is a bunch of people being rude to him behind a screen for daring to have an opinion that didn’t fit their criteria for approval. Typical whiny internet. Of course they get praised for their faceless “bravery” while he is literally body shamed for not being enough of a victim to have their permission to post.

    • Donston

      It’s not really about “shame”. It’s that he tried to turn himself into a victim and “show off” at the time. In general, this “I’m so proud of my not perfect body so let me show it off on social media and receive adoration for not being perfect” trend is tried. It’s especially tired when it comes from someone who is clearly not “chubby” and hasn’t ever received a lick of “body shame” beyond a couple random Twitter trolls.

      The whole thing is just lame. It’s not a big deal. And he doesn’t deserve a ton of shade. But it is lame nonetheless.

    • nathan_dostal

      idiot! Look up this turd before making uninformed, inane comments!

  • tdh1980

    I’m all for social-media thirst traps, but I’m definitely over social-media thirst traps masking as life lessons learned, self-affirmation, inspiration/motivation for others, etc. Most of these guys are about as deep as a puddle of rain water yet desperate to be seen as more despite the fact that all they do is post photos of themselves in their get-it-girl panties. Honey, do you and stop worrying about what other people think about you. Stop trying to attach meaning to your obvious call for attention.

    • Xzamilloh

      Exactly. Demi Lovato does that same crap and it is so obviously thirst trap masquerading for virtue signaling. “Hey, I’m showing the world that you can love the body you’re in by showing off my minimally flawed physique that anyone with a pulse would want as their own or on top of theirs in the bedroom. Muh activism!!”

      And of course the usual suspects being preachy on here.

    • tdh1980

      Xzamilloh: And what makes it so absurd in his case is that nothing he says in the post is accurate. I can see both abs and biceps. Like, WTF? Is he pathological?

    • Xzamilloh

      No clue. It might just be that he’s not in the shape he wants to be in and sees a tub of lard. But if that’s a tub of lard to him, then I’ll gladly drown in it lmao!!!

    • duje_buric

      It’s probably that he ran out of his steroids so he retained some water.

  • Bradsman

    I’ve dated a guy who had a great, pumped up body and he was always looking in the mirror and talking about how ” fat” he was. ( he wasn’t)

    I have no doubt this Austin person really believes he was being brave and is probably mystified at the responses.

    • nathan_dostal

      doubt it-he has a track record-look him up-hes just a fame whore

  • thealexofevil

    Bitch, please. There’s not an ounce of fat on you.

  • batesmotel

    Never heard of him, but he’s a hottie.

  • Robert-in-Seattle

    Give him a Snicker’s bar. He’s just not himself when he’s hungry!

  • Dymension

    How about everyone just ignore all of these attention seekers.

  • yaletownman

    The guy has spent his entire life objectifying himself. Whether he’s ripped or pudgy his body is all he has to offer. Maybe someday he’ll love himself as much as he does it’s housing but before that can happen he will have to discover who he really is.

  • thevenusvontrapp

    Is this REALLY news article worthy Queerty? like come on… are you having a slow day or something?
    This isn’t some tacky Perez Hilton website, so why are we getting articles like this?

    He’s just some C-list celeb from reality TV people… move on. SMH.

  • OzJosh

    Hmmm. “This is me pretending not to be vain as I post yet another selfie of my perfect body”.

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    that is “gay” chubby at best.

    But really it a week enjoying a not-so-gay cruise.

  • RealBlast3

    Well, the comment from his seems tone deaf but the thing is, when he was on A-list years ago, he was what would pass for kind of “chunky” shall we say, at one point. He didn’t look like this at all. He had a very average to chunky bod with an obvious belly. And the other skinny guys did make fun of him on the show.

  • surreal33

    Please have several seats!!!

  • BertieWooster

    Fire your UK agent. She does not have your best interests at heart.

  • KiDAciDic


  • Tombear

    I find nothing more revolting sexually then a hairless, rail thin man! I like my beef! More cushion for the pushin’! Plus beefy men have higher body temperatures in order to keep you warm on cold winter’s nights!

  • duje_buric

    Poor thing! Did he change his steroid mix and retained some water???

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