Men of steel

The Internet is freaking out about how Christopher Reeve’s son looks just like him

For a certain generation of impressionable young gay men, Christopher Reeve’s take on The Man of Steel was iconic, ubiquitous, and flummoxing enough to make Speedo fetishists out of them all.

And now, even looking at footage of him today as a grown adult? Well, it’s still all a bit too much to take. Wouldn’t you agree?

Christopher Reeve has a son, William:

Oh, is today #tbt? Funny, I just…happened to have this picture on my phone…

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Now, looking at William all grown up, we’re flooded with those same complicated feelings we’d get watching his father beat up bad guys who shot lasers out of their eyes, turning snakes into sticks. Or whatever was happening  in Superman II.

Are we babbling? It’s because we’re flummoxed again. 

Very flummoxed, indeed. 

Did we ever purport to not have some issues? No. We didn’t. So here:

And we made it! In the @expressrunway Interview Lounge at #espntheparty.

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Don’t worry. We’ll stop just short of clumsily photoshopping his face onto a photo of his dad as Superman, because we’re adults here.

Although, hold it: 

If he’s not above Photoshopping his face onto his heroes, why the hell should we be taking the high road? I mean, that’s like such a double standard.

So here: 

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some swimwear to buy.

We’ll leave you with this statement from William: