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FLORIDA GAYS CAN ADOPT: Bill McCollum Will Not Fight To Keep Ban (Updated)

When the clock strikes 5pm (EST) today, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum will turn into a pumpkin. Oh wait, that’s not right. By that hour he will turn into either the jerk continuing to defend other jerks like George Alan Rekers and the guy who appealed the state’s gay adoption ruling, or the jerk continuing to defend other jerks like George Alan Rekers and the guy who left it alone. Yesterday McCollum still hadn’t indicated whether he would appeal the most recent decision, which struck down the ban, and which even the Department of Children and Families plans to leave alone, which way he’ll swing. Says Martin Gill, the plaintiff and adoptive parent: “We really want this to be the end. It’s something my kids need, something I need.” UPDATE: McCollum will not appeal the decision.

Equality Florida relays news that McCollum’s office says it will not appeal the ban, which the attorney general had the power to do despite DCF — which McCollum’s office also represented in court — choosing not to appeal. That means the court ruling stands, and the 33-year-old law becomes the last of its kind ot die.

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    “Hmmmm I am so wery underdecided”……

  • the crustybastard


    And now, for all you Floridia gays who want to adopt, here are some words of wisdom from Mr. Know-It-All.


    @the crustybastard:Nice, Pretty damm close to my depiction (which for some reason got de-depicted in cyberspace :p)

  • dvlaries

    I could almost hope old Anita Bryant has a friend left willing to get her liquored up tonight.

  • Mathew

    I would pay big money to see the look on Anita Bryant’s face once she finds out about this. :)

  • Wonka

    Anita Bryant is bankrupt in three states and presently wearing false teeth and knows that Jeuss will answer all her prayers as soon as I pull my cock out of his mouth.

  • Wonka

    Jesus had two dads,,,Mary was only a surrogate.

  • Chris

    Props to the ACLU, which didn’t get mentioned here! They brought five different cases over a 20-year period of trying to bring down the Florida adoption ban, and finally did it with this one.

  • Jack

    As said in a previous article, karma’s a bitch. A bitch who apparently has it out for Anita Bryant…

  • ewe

    Memo to Bill McCollum: Burn in hell. You suck, you always have and you always will.

  • MikenStL

    Wait I thought attorney generals had to fight tooth and nail to maintain unconstitutional laws… oh I guess that’s only “federal” attorney generals when you want to keep DADT.

  • ewe

    @MikenStL: and the president.

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