He Sure As Fuck Knows How To Ride 15 Minutes

Is Chris Crocker “America’s Sweetheart”?

Britney Spears‘ most mentally-imbalanced fan Chris Crocker “performed” in Las Vegas last night. Though we originally detested this kid, we’re actually kind of appreciating his existence.

That’s a far cry from “enjoying his existence,” but we can kind of dig that people like/exploit him.

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  • DavidDust

    Crack Kills.

  • jimbo


  • SeaFlood

    I saw an old clip of him doing this… with dancers! He’s certainly improved! And his make-up looks loads better!

  • Mr. B

    So, Chris has entertained the hell out of me in the past, but not so much with this “performance.” Unless TMZ was terrible in their editing choices, what’s so different from this and the typical drag performance in some down-home dive bar?

  • Jus

    All I have to say as a fellow queer is… I’d gaybash that in a heartbeat.

  • SeaFlood

    … wow, Jus. You should get to a psychologist and work on that before you are in jail like that gay guy who had a hand in killing Michael Sandy.

  • PAGAN guy


  • jmm1233

    search for ” 9/11 chris crocker ” on youtube
    from a saved deleted video statemet :
    “I can’t think about 9/11 when britney is going through what she is going through , Britney is a national treasure , WHO CARES about 9/11 .”
    this is the true face of chris crcoker

  • zing

    Yeah, except that the 9/11 vid on youtube was edited to leave out other things Chris said. He did say that, but when you take things out of context, the meaning changes. Stop being a net nut.

  • Doris Torres

    I Love Chris Crocker.

    Chris is right on the money with a lot of his comments.

    I love all his stuff.

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