Is Hot Gay Dad Ben Hobson No Longer Gay?

hot-husband-1Ben Hobson had everyone in tears with the emotional coming out story he shared on YouTube earlier this year.

In a video, Hobson explained how his mother died when he was just 19. Three months later he married his wife and they produced two children together. Over time, he developed a drinking a problem. After getting sober, he realized the root of his unhappiness: He had been living a lie.

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than half a million views and making the 25-year-old an instant internet celebrity. We even included him on our 10 Great Coming Outs Of 2014 And It’s Only June list last summer.

Now, the video, as well as Hobson’s Facebook and Tumblr pages, have all been mysteriously deleted. This morning, a source close to Queerty sent us a series of screenshots allegedly taken from Hobson’s Tumblr page before it was deleted.

The screenshots show what appear to be a diary entry, in which Hobson allegedly claims to have mistaken a “bromance” with his best friend for “gay feelings.” He admits to “fooling around” with the guy, but now claims he was simply “confused” about his feelings and that he “might not be gay after all.”

Here are the screenshots pieced together so you can read the statement in full:





Queerty was unable to verify if these screenshots were, indeed, from Hobson’s deleted Tumblr page. Interestingly, his Twitter page remains active and still lists him as a “gay dad”:

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.27.43 AM


UPDATE: Hobson has addressed the rumor on his Facebook page. Beneath a photo of Josh Hutcherson and a quote from the actor about not ruling out being attracted to a man in the future, Hobson wrote:

Probably going to get a lot of hate for this one but…I am discovering that I like girls more than guys. I “fooled around” with a guy while drunk a year ago and thought that meant I MUST be gay. Turns out my judgement was wrong. My mom must’ve passed down her bipolar genes onto me, but to a whole other level Either way, I was tired of 30,000 people on YouTube looking up to me for someone I wasn’t. The one thing I still am and always will be is a great dad. That is what I’m meant for in life, and that is what I value most. #sexualityisfluid

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