Sexy Married Father Of Two Comes Out In Powerful New Video

Grab the Kleenex and get ready for your daily cry, because this one’s a real tearjerker…

25-year-old Ben Hobson’s journey has not been easy. His mother died nearly six years ago. Shortly afterwards, he married his wife and they produced two children together. Yet despite having what many would consider the “perfect family,” Ben was deeply unhappy and developed a drinking problem.

Earlier this year, he quit drinking. After getting sober, he realized the root of his unhappiness: He had been living a lie.

Ben is gay. He recently released a short video, telling his story.

“This is my crazy, messed up, loving, hurtful, redemptive, free story,” he writes on his YouTube channel.

Check out the video below.


And, just in case you’re curious what Ben looks like shirtless, here you go… (You’re welcome!)