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Is John Travolta Scared to Leave Scientology Because They’ll Out Him?


John Travolta reportedly wants to leave the Church of Scientology, because it is a cult and wildly controlling was unable to help his son Jett … and stuff. But abandoning the church with his checkbook and star power could be an unwise decision, since David Miscavige & Co. likely have plenty of video and photo evidence of the actor engaged in the sort of same-sex relations that initially draw closeted celebs to Scientology. And we’re not counting his smooch with Jett’s “nanny” Jeff Kathrein, which, now that we think about it, could easily have been a Scientology-leaked photo to scare Travolta from ditching in 2006. And if this story has any semblance of truth, it’d be all the more disturbing since Travolta is on the record about how the church is soooo not homophobic.

(Photo: National Enquirer)