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Is Top Model Booting Miss J? … Terrorism Charges for HIV-Positive Assailant

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→ Is America’s Next Top Model‘s J. Alexander getting bounced off the judge’s panel in a move to boost ratings?

Janet will open, and Whitney will perform at this month’s American Music Awards.

→ What Cameroon’s gay activist Sebastien Mandeng, turned in to police by a cab driver, went through in prison.

→ Danesworth Boucher, the 24-year-old accused of murdering German national Rudolph Gschloessl in Jamaica, released on bail while he waits for his Dec. 16 court appearance.

&rarr: Twenty-three-year-old Ross Burton, one of two men arrested early Wednesday morning while attempting to burn a rainbow flag at the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center, is a member of the Tennessee Air National Guard. Huh.


→ Should Michigan’s Daniel Allen, a man, be facing terrorism charges in an alleged biting assault on a neighbor, because he’s HIV-positive?

→ Bear band Bearforce1 is no more 🙁

→ Yes, there is water on the moon.

→ Hollywood supergay Roland Emmerich’s new “disaster porn” flick 2012 is the white man’s version of Mayan culture. Well, yeah.