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Is Top Model Booting Miss J? … Terrorism Charges for HIV-Positive Assailant

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→ Is America’s Next Top Model‘s J. Alexander getting bounced off the judge’s panel in a move to boost ratings?

Janet will open, and Whitney will perform at this month’s American Music Awards.

→ What Cameroon’s gay activist Sebastien Mandeng, turned in to police by a cab driver, went through in prison.

→ Danesworth Boucher, the 24-year-old accused of murdering German national Rudolph Gschloessl in Jamaica, released on bail while he waits for his Dec. 16 court appearance.

&rarr: Twenty-three-year-old Ross Burton, one of two men arrested early Wednesday morning while attempting to burn a rainbow flag at the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center, is a member of the Tennessee Air National Guard. Huh.


→ Should Michigan’s Daniel Allen, a man, be facing terrorism charges in an alleged biting assault on a neighbor, because he’s HIV-positive?

→ Bear band Bearforce1 is no more :(

→ Yes, there is water on the moon.

→ Hollywood supergay Roland Emmerich’s new “disaster porn” flick 2012 is the white man’s version of Mayan culture. Well, yeah.

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  • Cam

    Maybe they should get rid of Tyra to boost ratings.

  • nachomama

    Oh Tyra, my fav drag queen…Miss J is wonderful.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Saw 2012 last night. It might have been an alright movie if it were half as long. Entirely too much filler, most of which only served to highlight the horrid performances by the cast. Woody Harrelson was amusing, at least, for the five or so minutes of screen time he got.

  • romeo

    Saw 2012 last night. Way too long and way too many Hallmark moments. Really corny. Special effects were terrific, of course, but I wish Hollywood would go back to spending a few bucks on GOOD
    writers. Even spectacular special effects need a little story, not to mention an edge. Did stay to listen to Adam do the theme song over the closing credits, though. LOL

  • Jesse

    If they do, it is purely for a ratings boost because Tyra and Miss Jay are like BFF’s.

    Why do people spell it “Miss J?” His real name is Jay.

    I liked the story that Tyra told about Miss Jay’s coming out to his mother — or her outing him by just acknowledging he was gay before he got around to telling her. That’s how my coming out was and I wish it were that easy for everyone.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    The show should have been canceled a long time ago – it’s an embarassment to Gays and real talented designers of which Jay is obviously not. Tyra is short for Tyrant as everyone can testify to this Monster we are creating to knock Oprah off-air.

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