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It Wouldn’t Be Black History Month Without Claiming These Black Celebs Are Gay

February, the shortest month of the year, is Black History Month in the United States. (It’s LGBT History Month in the U.K.) While NBC is celebrating with a fried chicken menu in the commissary, the gossipmongers at Datalounge are spending the month speculating about possibly gay black celebs. Which means they are “on the down low,” that naughty phrase black men who sleep with men always get stuck with. But enough about political correctness, let’s get to the guessing!

So who made this coveted list? Relays Mr. Musto:

D.L. Hughley
Will Smith
Eddie Murphy
Vin Diesel
Tyson Beckford
Arsenio Hall
50 Cent
P Diddy
Dr. Dre
Mario Van Peebles
Shemar Moore
Harry Belafonte
Laurence Fishburne

Okay, but: Prince? Really? No. Dude may dress like a lady, but he’s as straight as his hair. And where’s Dennis Rodman and Luther Vandross? Complete the list (of speculated about celebs), people.