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It Wouldn’t Be Black History Month Without Claiming These Black Celebs Are Gay

February, the shortest month of the year, is Black History Month in the United States. (It’s LGBT History Month in the U.K.) While NBC is celebrating with a fried chicken menu in the commissary, the gossipmongers at Datalounge are spending the month speculating about possibly gay black celebs. Which means they are “on the down low,” that naughty phrase black men who sleep with men always get stuck with. But enough about political correctness, let’s get to the guessing!

So who made this coveted list? Relays Mr. Musto:

D.L. Hughley
Will Smith
Eddie Murphy
Vin Diesel
Tyson Beckford
Arsenio Hall
50 Cent
P Diddy
Dr. Dre
Mario Van Peebles
Shemar Moore
Harry Belafonte
Laurence Fishburne

Okay, but: Prince? Really? No. Dude may dress like a lady, but he’s as straight as his hair. And where’s Dennis Rodman and Luther Vandross? Complete the list (of speculated about celebs), people.

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  • Latebrosus

    Man, that is a LOT of wishful thinking.

  • Anthony in Nashville

    I’ve heard speculation about everyone on that list except Hughley and Fishburne. Still, I am wondering how Musto became such an expert on the black gay world.

    Everytime I see him, he gives off the vibe of hanging around as few black people as possible.

  • Marcus

    Oh, wow.

    Hmm. Musto is about 80% correct.

    That said, define, “gay.” Exclusive to men or women? Or off and on?

    BTW, there are so many other black celebs missing, right, Ehrenstein?

  • Erik

    Lets not forget LL Cool J.

  • RomanHans

    No David Alan Grier? And he seems to be missing about eighty Wayans brothers.

  • Kevin

    I hope Usher comes out and calls me
    Didn’t Luther Vandross pass away a few years back?

  • Marcus

    @Kevin: Yes, Luther’s gone, Kevin.

    Bruce Vilanch told a magazine that Luther came out to him years ago.

    And Usher, man, let’s not go there. The ‘ex-wife’ was a front and I still don’t know where those kids came from.

    I remember a member of Wendy Williams’ audience getting up and putting him on blast a few months ago. It’s so funny.

  • terrwill

    Wouldn’t it be far easier make a list of celebrities who are not gay???

  • Scott

    @terrwill: That would be way too easy.

  • greenluv1322

    What about KANYE? Come on now! He is the gay-est! Oh and it’s Lloyd Banks, 50’s mother was a gay. And Lil Wayne, this list is too short.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Hunny that list above is two pages short
    of all the Celeb Gay Men of Color.

    Here’s my contribution:

    1. Kanye West (asshole rapper)
    2. Trey Songs (r&b artst)
    3. Omarion (r&b artist)
    4 Raz B (former B2K boy band member)
    4. Bow Wow (rapper)
    5. Terrel Owens (NFL baller)
    5. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (producer rapper)
    6. Terrell Carter (D-list actor)
    7. Evan Ross (actor and son of Diana Ross)
    8. Eric Bonet (r&b artist – Halle Berry’s ex husband)
    9. Ovie Mughelli (NFL baller outted by a bitter queen)
    10.Jason Carroll (CNN reporter)

    ^^ Those are just a few of the confirmed ones,
    and I’d fuck all of them!..

  • Sug Night

    Vin Diesel is black?????

  • Kevin

    Vin Diesel is black???

  • AlanInSLCutah

    @ No. 12 & 13…

    You took the words out of my mouth.

  • benlayvey

    By Jove! I hope Usher is gay. Women wont appreciate those nipples as a man could. I will cover his face though!

  • benlayvey

    @Dirty Ole Man: “Confirmed ones”? Pray do tell where to find the confirmation of each name on your list.

  • AlwaysGay

    I don’t believe D.L. Hughley, Kanye West or Eric Bonet are gay. Although Kanye has adopted fashion styles of gay men he’s just neurotic. His behavior is that of a heterosexual, gay men tend to be inward reflecting. Terrell Carter, Ovie Mughelli, Jason Carroll and Shemar Moore are pretty much confirmed gay. Anyone have some names of non-American black gay celebrities in the closet?

  • Michael

    Kayne West is definitely gay.

    As for the author’s comment of Prince not being gay that’s absurd. He even admitted he wasn’t straight in his “Controversy” song:

    I’m not black or white.
    I’m not straight or gay.

  • Caleb

    Vin Diesel is biracial…I believe his father was black.

    As for Michael’s Prince comment – apparently you don’t understand the irony behind the lyrics in his song Controversy.

  • timmmeeeyyy

    Unless they’re going around spouting anti-gay crap, it’s really none of our business. Celebrities also have a right to personal choice and personal privacy. I’m sure most of the commenters, the writer and even Mr Musto were at one time secretive about their sexuality. People should be able to take their own paths to coming out. How would you like it if you were published across the internet at being gay before you were comfortable with your identity, or before you shared it with family or friends?

    And before you start, no I am not closeted. But I was able to come out when I wanted to. Other should be able to do the same.

  • Law

    Vin Diesel is NOT black. Sometimes I really think they grasp at too many straws on these posts.

  • timmmeeeyyy

    Vin Diesel IS biracial. He is Italian and black. In addition, he was raised by his black step-father. “I’m definitely a person of colour,” says Diesel.

    His ethnicity becomes more apparent when he has hair. Here’s a very early instructional video of him break dancing.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. that’s a lot of black actors who are gay. I mean, which black actors are NOT gay, then?

    shemar moore is gay. Yum!!! I crushed on him during his International Male stint.

    eric bonet? man, that dude is fine.

  • Chitown Kev

    Tavis Smiley didn’t make Musto’s list? Sheeesh!

  • joey

    white gays know so little about black gay culture…shit! whites in general know so little about black culture…but dont worry we know all about “yall”…..

  • Marc

    @Dirty Ole Man:

    i endorse this addendum. ll needs to be on the list and so does cullen jones. Jay Z Jay Z Jay Z… prince is straight. and luther is dead, the issue is closed. may he rest in peace.

  • Michael

    Hey Caleb,

    Obviously you’re reaching to make Prince straight. I get the lyrics and there’s not a lot of “irony” behind them. He’s wondering why people are talking about him. Anyone can look at Prince and realize he’s not straight.

  • Michael

    Hey Joey,

    We know all we need to know about you guys. 2 words for you:

    “Down” and “low”. Grow some balls and stop pretending to be straight.

  • Ben

    Vin Diesel’s father is African-American and his mother is European-American. If he doesn’t qualify as black, then neither does our current president.

  • macscruff

    What does it matter? Sure we need gay role models and a public face. Appreciate the gay actors who have come out, but don’t speculate. There is no good in that.

    One man on this list I have met personally and yes, as gay as they come. But who cares if that person does not want his private life made public. Enjoy the work they do, admire their physique but allow them the respect you would want.

    Stop pointing fingers.

  • Caleb


    How am I reaching to make Prince straight? All I said was that you do not understand the song Controversy. Him saying “I’m not straight” in that song was NOT him actually claiming anything but to say that people need to not worry about his personal life.

    He’s been married to women his entire career and had a son with his first wife. And been linked to a slew of celebrity WOMEN. It kills me that you think because Prince looks gay, he is. I mean you obviously know nothing about Prince or are too young to remember the 80s when he was at his peak.

    It’s almost offensive…then again from your other comments here, you spout off offensive racist filth generally. You should reconsider linking to your myspace page when you do that…you never when that would come back to haunt you. Not everyone tolerates ignorance.

  • tjr101

    LOL… this list is quite funny and plays into many gay men’s fantasies, none of them are gay however.

  • Marcus

    @tjr101: Most on those lists are far from any fantasy in my mind.

    That said, if you don’t know about some of these guys, you must live on Mars or certainly not LA, NYC or Atlanta…

  • Jonathan

    Prince could have yo man stroking his pubic hair faster than you can say “When you were mine” and just chooses not to these days

    Also, none of these lists mention Busta Rhymes

  • Daniel

    Gay entertainers? really? gay people go into show business? gay people dance and sing to entertain straight folks, really? gay people like making movies and tv shows and music videos – are you claiming gay people are creative or something? gay people act and pretend to be straight, since when? And they do it to make money off straight people? are you certain? ;-D

  • DX

    @Michael: You lost me at Prince. Not only is the guy not gay, sadly despite the suggestive and ambiguous lyrics in his early songs (pre-Jehovah’s Witness lunacy), he has turned increasingly homophobic, driving a wedge between himself and his original Revolution band members, Wendy & Lisa, who are both lesbians.

    Michael: you have both misquoted the lyrics from Controversy and misunderstood the song:

    the lyrics go: Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay? referring to the fact that music journalists were both preoccupied with, and couldn’t get a handle on, his race or sexuality in his early years.

  • bill

    This is why i hate being gay! All the fags that think everyone else has to be gay. I ssay if they dont say there gay fuck them there not man enough tobe gay. If your not man enough to come out “I did when i was 16” then stay in your stoopid closit. Mr Musto has made a carier out of saying people are gay WHO GIVVES A FUCK!!!!!! If your not man enough to stand up to the world and just be yourself then your not gay stay in your closite and fuck off. “oh work wont like me, oh my folks wont understand, MY FRIENDS WILL NOT TALK TO ME,” FUCK YOU ! I AM SO SICK OG THE GAY SCENE AND ALL THE WHINNING AND COMPLANING SHUT THE FUCJK UP WQORRY ABOUT YOUR SELF, COME OUT AND LETS TRY AND SEE IF WE CAN GET PASSED THE 60S. P.S FUCK GAY MARRAGE ALSO.

  • David Ehrenstein

    People that count:

    Langston Hughes
    Zora Neale Hurston
    Bessie Smith
    Bayard Rustin
    James Baldwin
    Marlon Riggs
    Johnny Mathis

    Worthless Trash:

    Dana Owens
    Tyler Perry
    Donnie McClurkin
    Bernice King

  • tjr101

    @Marcus: nope, not on mars but I am in NYC and well the majority on that list are not on the “scene”

  • tjr101

    Yes I correct myself… The majority, lol

  • $0.02

    @37 i like your list. Vin Diesel is biracial the last time I checked. Contrary to popular belief black people vary dramatically in skin pigmientation and features. That’s here and oversees, we aren’t a monolithic group of people. I guess I kind of agree with @25, whites don’t know a whole lot about black gays or black culture in general. I personally don’t think anyone on this list is gay but at the same time I don’t care. Some of them I’d have to ask, why would we want them to be a representation o fthe LGBT community especially the black LGBT community???


    I worked for Prince’s ex Mayte, he is SO straight.

    Why the incredulity about Vin being Black? Got a problem with that? Gotta take back your masturbatory fantasies now?

    Luther sent his friend to try and pick me up as he sat in his Rolls on Sunset blvd. He was in his big, Black, greasy stage and I was having none of it. Of course, now I wish I had at least gone to dinner with him, he probably had good stories.

    I worked for Shemar and never got a Gay vibe at all, but, I don’t know.

    I saw Eddie Murphy cruising Trans hookers on Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea.

    Eric BENET is a recovering (!) sex addict who couldn’t keep his hands off women.

    L.L. should call me.

  • zenflo

    What about Don Lemon, CNN anchor? I distinctly heard him refer to his “partner” during some wrap-up banter on a newscast.

    Handsome dude, but of late he has been “lightening up” with some heavy kabuke pancake. If you pull any clip of his from a few years back, you’d be amazed at the …. um … transition. What’s that all about?

  • zenflo

    I remember the initial Vin Diesel craze via the celeb-TV shows such as ET, the Insider et al. They all played up his “exotic” good looks in a speculative manner, without drawing any conclusions.

    For some period after his star began ascending, Diesel and his camp were reluctant to discuss the subject head-on. Just saying.

    As disclaimer, all colors of the human race are beautiful to me. In an unrelated issue, I’m highly oversexed.

  • Lukas P.

    Add to the list: Wentworth Miller of TV’s ‘Prison Break” was born to a white Mom and Black dad. Definitely biracial, possibly bisexual. Makes me drool. His Aussie costar isn’t half bad either. Woof!

    @Chitown Kev: Hey neighbor! I’d wondered about Mr Tavis Smiley, too. Any scoop? If he married Miley Cyrus (sp?) she’d be Ms Miley Smiley.
    Okay, that was a groaner. Either way, guy is a fierce interviewer.

  • Marc

    @David Ehrenstein:

    now, that is a list with some actual cognition of black history, no less.

  • harvey

    while all 40 some-odd posts are entertaining, don’t lose sight of the premise of the article: these are men who the “gossipmongers” purport to be gay or on the DL. if it was about actual outed black gay men and/or confirmed black gay men, then luther would have been on the list. but given the angle of the article, it’s really about the fantasies of gay men over the black men who they possibly hope and wish are/were gay. and to those who say gay men should stop fantasizing about celebs? why is it different for straight folk, both men and women, to fantasize about celebs but when we do it, the implication/assumption of sexuality (which doesn’t seem to exist for straight people) all of a sudden becomes an issue? seems a touch of a straight-induced double standard,,,hmmm

  • Dave

    Vin Diesel is NOT “black” just like how our President is not “Black” and Tiger Woods is not “Black”. These men are all mixed race, if they were actually black/African American both of their parents would be black.

    Musto likes to think that men can be only gay or hetero/straight, I’m sure some of these black men listed (except Vin Diesel) are bisexual and Diesel just looks faggy and like a total muscle queen and there’s no way he’s hetero at all despite seeing him on TV with his women who he has just for show.

  • Mykey

    Tyson Beckford, now that would be something!

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