But It Will Be Soon...

It’s Not Too Late For Trans Rights

Time’s running out, readers. The House of Representatives may vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as early as tomorrow.

That bill, as you know, doesn’t include gender identity and, if passed, may stall trans rights for years to come. It’s not too late to support Tammy Baldwin’s trans-inclusive amendment, though. Simply click here and urge your Congressional officials to support trans rights.

If we don’t do it, who will?

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  • littlemonster


  • jbran

    Done again.

  • fabianlander

    yes, sure we do. it’s for our right. many guys are discussing this topic on gkiss.com/photo/wayland. they are active for gays’ rights

  • Leland Frances

    Bravo, Queerty, for finally taking the right approach: supporting ALL by supporting BOTH the, unfortunately, non-transinclusive ENDA AND Baldwin’s amendment to add transgenders.

    BUT, dear readers, make no mistake: unless they’ve regained their sanity in the last 24 hrs., that is NOT the position of ENDA United, NGLTF, et al. They’re DEMANDING their version of the Pentagon’s policy during the Vietnam War: “We have to burn down the village in order to save it.”

    ENDA United wants Congress to VOTE AGAINST, to KILL job protections for gay men and lesbians if the Baldwin amendment fails! That means that they want to rip out of the hands of gay men and women in 30 states even the most minimal job security, the ability to support themselves as open, proud gay men and women, to pay their rent, feed themselves and their children.

    Matt “Drink The Kool-Aide Children And Shut Up” Foreman of NGLTF shamelessly claims to SPEAK FOR those MILLIONS he would take job security away from while talking out of both sides of his mouth, while secure in a gay organization paid job and city with gay job protections HIMSELF. He says, it doesn’t matter because Bush will veto any version passed BUT he says finally passing ENDA for gays after 33 years isn’t even a symbolic victory but passage only of a trans-inclusive ENDA is. HOW does that make sense, Herr Foreman? How does any of the political suicide you’ve been demanding of us make sense? How easy for you to say because killing it wouldn’t affect you or most of those demanding its murder-by-vote.

    Contact your Congressman/woman and insist they vote for ENDA AND the Baldwin amendment. Insist they vote for FAIRNESS and SANITY!

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Leland – you have many predecessors whose views you emulate.

    When we speak about your Native Americans – please note that the Bureau of INDIAN AFFAIRS in the Department of the Interior still exists in that name, as well.

    Reservations and reparations still exist, do they not? Many individuals proud of their aboriginal ancestry must remember the fact that the US administrations were intent on separate but unequal treatment for those from whom they stole the land.

    African Americans were betrayed by the abolitionist Republicans who made them accept Plessy and Jim Crow in order to gain GOP ascendancy nationwide.

    There has always been those willing to sell their people or their allies down the river of expediency….or more perfectly, drown the legitimate aspirations of an enslaved people.

    Incrementalism when the right wing goal is recriminalisation is a form of suicide.

    The previous poster is such a champion of snatching defeat from the jaws of eventual victory.

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