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Jane Lynch: Thank You to My Lord and Creator, Ryan Murphy

It was a No for Chris Colfer and Glee, but a yes for Jane Lynch! Jesse Tyler Ferguson didn’t luck out, but Eric Stonestreet and Modern Family did. So the gays won big and lost big at last night’s Emmys, which is pretty much how things go every year, minus the shout outs to same-sex spouses.

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  • Gary B.

    Is it wrong that I got all teary eyed when she thanked her “wife?” You just don’t hear that enough… :-)


    @Gary B.: No Gary, it’s pretty much very right to be teary eyed to hear a Gay person in front of millions of viewerw worldwide tossin’ the love and kisses to their other half without the building spontaniously imploding as the frighwing lunatics would suggest.. :p …….

    Ryan Murphy also thanked his partner and one other Gay gave a shout out to their partner.

    And if looks could kill Neil Patrick Harris would have been sprawled out on the floor of that stage, when he acknowledged Jimmy Fallon and thanked the Academy for “having a Gay host for the second year in a row”……..

    Anyone wanna take bets on how long it takes for Fallon to announce his engagement??? :p

  • Gary B.

    I don’t get the Jimmy Fallon thing – he’s married (seemingly happily) to a woman…


    @Gary B.: DNKT! shudda used the googles……..

  • Gary B.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Ok, I understood that post even less. What am I missing here?

  • Sean

    I she the first gay Emmy winner/any major awards show winner to thank their legally wedded spouse?

  • Gary B.

    @Sean: I could swear I’ve hard others do it before, but can’t remember specifics. Regardless, it’s still extremely cool!

  • Steve

    Jody Foster made a more or less veiled reference to her partner in acceptance speech (though not a major award), thus acknowledging what everyone already knows.

  • TheInsider

    The Emmys – people still watch this?

  • bluenosedive

    @Sean: I think Ellen Degeneres thanked Portia after she won a Daytime Emmy….it was after they got married. ^_^

  • Jeffree

    Yay Jane Lynch! I got a little misty eyed too when she mentioned her wife.

    Also of note, Jim Parsons, who won best comedy actor for his role on “Big Bang Theory”. Whether he or his character is gay, I don’t know, but it is a good show.

    Jimmy Fallon was adorkable as the host.

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