Jason Biggs Goes Full-Frontal In American Pie, Zac Efron Bares Ass On Balcony

Celebrity skin war!

First up, Jason Biggs, who does full-frontal in American Reunion, which is a sequel to those “iconic” American Pie films. It’s too NSFW for us (we’re dangling by a thread here), but Michael Musto went and put up the damned thing. Musto thinks Jason’s “Biggs” but we think it’s both an unimpressive shot and an unflattering cock.

Then there is the matter of Zac Efron‘s delicious derriere, which he bared to the world on the balcony of his hotel room in Sydney, Australia. Check out the pics here and tell us you don’t want to request an audience with it. Like a true bro, Zac’s pants are mad saggin’ and he’s got his hand down his crotch for minutes at a time.