Jason Biggs Goes Full-Frontal In American Pie, Zac Efron Bares Ass On Balcony

Celebrity skin war!

First up, Jason Biggs, who does full-frontal in American Reunion, which is a sequel to those “iconic” American Pie films. It’s too NSFW for us (we’re dangling by a thread here), but Michael Musto went and put up the damned thing. Musto thinks Jason’s “Biggs” but we think it’s both an unimpressive shot and an unflattering cock.

Then there is the matter of Zac Efron‘s delicious derriere, which he bared to the world on the balcony of his hotel room in Sydney, Australia. Check out the pics here and tell us you don’t want to request an audience with it. Like a true bro, Zac’s pants are mad saggin’ and he’s got his hand down his crotch for minutes at a time.

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  • ChknBisct

    How are there not frontals. I’m sure he didn’t just walk up to the balcony backwards. C’mon. Don’t tease up like that.

  • J

    Queerty is late on this!

  • MikeE

    I don’t understand this whole “hand down the pants” thing.

    I’ve never even walked around the privacy of my own home with a sudden urge to hold my privates, unless it was actually to make use of them.

    So what is this bizarre need to grope their crotch?

    It’s like rappers and hippetty-hop singers and grabbing their crotches while they sing. In my opinion, it HAS to be some deep-rooted problem related to their childhood and some strange paranoia about their genitalia.

  • Samuel

    This conversation is making me laugh but here’s my thoughts on this… what ever Zac was doing I’m sure that who ever saw him in the buff was first shocked then remembered… oh yah, I have a camera! And as for hinm with his hand down his pants.. I too have never had the urge to walk around the house like that but you never know exactly what he was doing unless we see actual action shots with footage/tape/whatever it’s called these days of live action… scratching, inspecting, making it feel good, keeping it warm bacuse after all he was outside on a balcony…. who knows… maybe he was on the phone for a sex call and getting it all taken care of… I don’t know… we may never know….

    As for Jason, how come in one shot we go from him being covered by a pan that you can’t see through and then by a pan lid that you CAN see through? Seems a little suspecious dont’ you think? And I don’t care what y ou call it, because it’s being squished under a pan lid may have something to do with it not being axactly pretty here….

  • Anthony

    Zac knew exactly what he was doing. He has a bare-ass shot in his new movie and that is exactly what he was promoting. He knew he was being watched.

  • Bob

    That’s big???? Looks pretty small to me…

  • Meowzer

    I like Jason Biggs’ full frontal. Looks nice behind the lid… I bet it would be “biggser” without it. Looks short but thick.

  • redcarpet

    Unimpressive?! That looked like a perfectly delicious penis to me. Maybe not porn star big, but it was more than enough to satisfy. And he was flacid guys, so cut him some slack size queens.

  • D9W

    I hope he know he can get crab cream at the local drug store…

  • DouggSeven

    Biggs’s looks exactly like mine flacid – and like most North American white males. It’s a textbook penis – nothing to be ashamed about.

  • AEH

    I’ve done the hand down the pants thing. So have many other men. It’s not a new trend set by tweens or anything like that. God!

  • jj

    re: efron nudes- The ass shot is real and a fake cock shot was floating around. Im guessing whoever took the real frontal nudes of zefron tried to sell them and zacs team threatened them with legal action. We’ll probably never see them, but its for the best just google zac efron bulge, its really unimpressive.

  • Mike

    Why are there so many celebrities in Australia all of a sudden? Every day Im reading about this star or that star doing something downunder. Is it just me or is it immoral for celebrities to be going to places like Australia, Africa and India to promote their careers when most of the population lives in poverty. These celebrities should use their power to highlight the starvation and inequalities when they go to these places instead of just exposing themselves on balconys.

  • 13Zeroither

    Come on you guys, Zac’s dick was soft in the picture. The size that counts the most is when the penis is hard. So while we are orgasming in our shorts, we may never ever really know just how big can he REALLY get (unless of course a video was released with him jerking off or having sex).

  • Tackle

    I totally agree with the above post that Zac knew what he was doing. Yes his bare ass in the window was delibrate. He knew the cameras were there.

    And I bet that Zachary is reading these comments with a smile on his face.

    I see that Zac is an exhibitionist. So I’m sure there will be more to come. And I don’t really care how big his package is. That is one nice ass.

  • SamIAm

    Are you all high? That Zac Efron dick shot is as fake as Lee Press-Ons.

    Please get your dicks straight.

  • Cam

    @MikeE: said..

    “”It’s like rappers and hippetty-hop singers and grabbing their crotches while they sing.”

    Well they have to do something…considering none of them play a fucking instrument.

  • Jake

    Dude, Australia is not a third world country. In many ways, it is more advanced than the United States with a higher standard of living, better healthcare, longer life expectancies, a stronger economy, etc. There is much more poverty in the US than Australia.

  • G

    We’re complaining about a dick in movies when other movies show only prosthetic ones, or most often, not at all?? I’m just glad that the real male frontal is actually being shown. And it looks like a nice one to me on Biggs.

  • Tomas

    Jason Biggs’ penis was not impressive while limp, and it’s a pity that he’s cut.

  • AEH

    It’s just Jason’s penis, not the Holy Grail. I don’t know what’s all this fuss is for.

  • Donnie

    …Is Efron looking for it in those photos? What the hell is he doing AND he’s on the phone? You think he’s on the phone with a doctor? “Hey Doc …those roids I’m on … shrank it!”

  • btseven


  • GregR

    there’s a weiner shot here.

  • Serena

    Mike I actually live in Australia and if you think most of us live in poverty then your logic is actually so messed up. Australia has less people in poverty than lets say the United States. Heck, we barely have any. Go read a textbook or two..

  • F*** off

    Australians don’t live in poverty f*** head

  • WTF

    Mike you are the biggest ignorant c*** there’s more poverty in the US

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