Jeffree Star launches make-up in shades of ‘top,’ ‘bottom’ and ‘glory hole’

Jeffree Star reveals his 'Orgy' collection
Jeffree Star reveals his ‘Orgy’ collection (Image: YouTube)

Makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star launched his latest makeup palette over the weekend, and it’s left some fans divided.

After making a fortune from releasing collections of brightly colored, unique and glittery shades, Star, 34, says his latest range is in response to what many fans have asked for: a nude collection of skin tones.

The name of the skin-themed collection is ‘Orgy.’

Jeffree Star Orgy collection
(Photo: Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

Each eye-shadow shade has also received an orgy-themed name. These include: ‘Top’; ‘Bottom’; ‘Versatile; ‘Cunnilingus’; ‘Fluffer’; ‘Safe Sex’; ‘Money Shot’; and ‘I’m Coming.’ The darkest shade in the collection is named ‘Glory Hole.’

There’s also some lip glosses and liquid lipsticks, along with ‘Orgy’ branded clothing.

Many of his followers have widely welcomed the new collection. However, some fans have balked at the price for the full eye-shadow collection ($62), given that many other brands do cheaper skin-tone collections.

Some have been left non-plussed by the sexual-themed names. Star is hugely popular, with 17.3million subscribers on YouTube, 7.3million followers on Twitter, and 14.7million on Instagram. Among these are many younger teenagers and parents.

“What a tacky product with tacky unappealing names,” said one. “Reminds me of what a person who has never been laid before thinks is ‘edgy’ and ‘sexy’.”

Others said that they might feel awkward trying to explain the names to family members.

Others have questioned some of the specific names, which also include ‘Craving Chocolate’ and ‘Gender Fluid.’

Last year, Forbes magazine placed Star at number five on its list of the highest YouTube earners of 2019. The makeup guru netted an estimated $17million. Star began his career as a musician on MySpace, but launched his own cosmetics brand in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. However, his rise has not been without controversy.

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In 2017, he released an apology video after video clips from 12 years previous showed him using racial slurs.

He’s also been involved in several high-profile Twitter feuds and, at times, lashed out at followers or fellow YouTubers on social media: behavior which he nows says is behind him.

Last month, Star posted a lengthy video repeatedly apologizing to fellow makeup YouTuber James Charles after he decided to become involved in last year’s very public falling out between Charles and Tati Westbrook. Star tweeted (and later deleted) that Charles was a “danger to society.”

For someone who appears to thrive on controversy, Star’s latest collection is sure to net him plenty of dollars. However, there are signs recent scandals may be hitting his earnings. A couple of months ago, beauty retailer Morphe said it would no longer stock Jeffree Star Cosmetics and disassociated itself from the YouTuber.

The deal had previously proven lucrative for Star: a 2019 makeup collaboration between himself, Shane Dawson and Morphe reportedly sold 60,000 units within 30 minutes of going on sale.

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