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Jim Carrey Not Entirely Thrilled With David Letterman’s Homosexual Line of Questioning

Running around promoting I Love You Phillip Morris, Jim Carrey popped up on David Letterman’s program on Friday night. And boy did Mr. Letterman manage to step in it!

Asked by Letterman whether he “[worries] about your image as a heterosexual leading man playing a homosexual?,” Carrey responds: “Boy, we haven’t grown at all, have we? We haven’t grown at all. … No offense Dave, for God’s sakes, have you ever seen a gay man? Are there gay people in Indiana? ‘Is it okay to be gay there?,’ is what I’m asking. There’s not a policy against gay people there or here?”

“I’m just asking,” says Dave, “what I think is a fairly routine question.”

At least Dave didn’t ask Jim to make his best gay face?

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  • Phil

    I can’t get over the fact that in these televised interviews, nobody is ever polite enough to let someone complete a thought. Is common courtesy dead?

    Having watched the interview though, Jim Carrey is not as indignant as this article makes him out to be and David Letterman was not as offensive as he was made out to be. Still, thanks for sticking up for us (kinda).

  • Dina

    I don’t understand why David Letterman acts as if he’s never been around gay people.

  • scott ny'er

    @Phil: I agree.

    And Jim Carrey again shows me why I can’t stand to watch him or his movies. He just is an annoying person who needs constant attention.

  • m

    @Dina: exactly. there’s one on his show every night to his right.

    it’s raining men, hallelujah

  • gew

    Why yes Dave, that’s why Jim TOOK the part, so he could worry about his reputation.

    Why yes Dave, the answer was indeed staring you in the face while viewing the movie.

  • wannabegay2

    i dont like jim carrey, but he was good on letterman. remember the whole newsweek scandal about heterosexuals playing gays? he kinda addressed the issue and silenced letterman. plus he was funny. i love you philip morris is a great movie, i’ll actually go see it again.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    To jump ahead to the topic, go to 4:46

  • Chuck

    This is why late night tv is coasting towards irrelevance. Dave isn’t as bad as Leno, who just peddles Mediocrity for the Masses, but none of these middle aged white men are exactly the center of the zeitgeist anymore.

    There are much sharper hosts all over daytime. Now that’s kind of pathetic in a way, but good for daytime.

  • Kieran

    Cher had this guy pegged a long time ago. David Letterman is an asshole.

  • mm

    could letterman, the stuttering old fart, better demonstrate how out-outdated and over ripe he is for retirement?

    I suspect it’s easy for people to hate Carey but I respect him for his work and his answer.

  • Ash

    What was with the overt amount of stuttering when he asked that question? Holy crap.

    And, although, I haven’t liked Jim’s movies of late, I love him in this interview. Whereas most actors would have stayed away from saying their movie was gay in anyway, he put it right out there. And when Letterman only describes Ewan’s character as “the guy you meet in prison” Jim comes right out and elaborates: “he plays my love interest.”

    Based on the way Jim was in this interview and how he described his character, I’m actually looking forward to seeing it now!

  • Matt

    Well Carrey shows his own ignorance with the statement “There’s not a policy against gay people there or here.” Where the hell is there not a policy or law that prevents gays from equality…. come on Jim, for god’s ske, I mean where the hell are “you” comming from? What LGBT person has NOT been refused service for being gay?

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