J’Lem Pride Parade Cancelled

Well, it seems that homophobes have won over in Israel. Conceding to threats of violence, gay activists in Jerusalem have agreed to shut down the pride parade scheduled for tomorrow. In exchange, Orthodox Jews and other religious conservatives have agreed not to disrupt the afternoon pride rally. In a Ynet News article, the gay organizers says:

Out of our responsibility for the public we decided to hold a large demonstration at the Givat Ram stadium instead of the planned parade. Also, the Open House organization called on the haredi public to follow suit and refrain from taking part in violent riots, which are a burden to the security force.

The agreement comes in the wake of riots and threats of violence made by religious conservatives who see the parade as an slight Jerusalem’s holy status.

Alright, we understand that no one wants to see violence interrupt a pride parade, but we can’t help but feel that this concession’s not so much proud as it is weak. But, who are we to judge, right? We’ll leave that to you guys. What’s your opinion: should Open House organizers should have caved to their enemies?